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Vegas Real Estate
The median price for a single family home has punched through the $200k barrier. This of course is short of the high water mark of $315k in the insane bubble years. Inventory is low and we will only see a slight leveling off in prices during the winter months.
They are expecting to get rents in the $2,500 range. The clubhouse and the first 100 or so units are slated to open in early January, with all units ready for renters by May. Land was purchased in December 2011 for $10.2 million.
Packer, the billionaire chairman of Crown Resorts, has teamed with former Wynn Resorts executive Andrew Pascal and investment giant Oaktree Capital Management to acquire a controlling stake in the vacant 34.6-acre former New Frontier site, just north of Fashion Show mall, with plans to build a resort there. This will fill in more of those "no man's" land between the strip and Fremont st.
The local casino operator is seeing another increase in earnings. The turnaround in the local economy is obvious and we should see more continuous growth in the years to come.
The once abandoned condo high rise project has given way to this massive Walgreens. The corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Sahara is really taking shape with this project and SLS. Yay. Our headquarters is just 2 miles away on Sahara.
These are the most secured data facilities in the world and they plan on opening a second one. This may persuade more software businesses to migrate to Las Vegas.
Soccer Stadum
Multi Families of the Week
Multi Family

$149k - 4 Units

100% Occupied.

Multi Family

$45k - Condo


Address Of Record

Many of you still use your personal names and your home address as the address of record for your income properties. A few of our investors are learning this lesson the hard way this year because they didn't follow our advice before you purchased the property. Nothing will send your spouse sideways faster than when a tenant or US marshal pounds on your door. Even if you can't afford to create an LLC, you should at least conceal your home address. This page covers some basic tips on what to do if you are currently running with scissors.

Book To Be Released
A Fist Full of Properties

I just finished writing a book for property managers. Editors are hacking at it now and illustrations will be finished by October. Estimated release date will be November 1st.

Lease/Option Changes

We have made significant changes to our lease/option contracts. With more tenants exercising their option to purchase, we have added verbiage that covers the process for exercising the option. This page covers that new component of our contract.

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