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Las Vegas Real Estate News


As we predicted, sales in October have been flat and we expect prices to remain that way until the spring surge. The median sales price of single-family homes in Southern Nevada in October was $220,000, unchanged from September but up 10.1 percent from a year earlier.


September construction starts for Clark County was positive over the previous month and previous year — with cumulative growth in double digits for some market types. The year-to-date analysis showed $1.4 billion in nonresidential construction, up 24 percent above the 2014 number of just over $1.1 billion.

I can just see Dr Evil holding his pinky up to his lips. It's not likely to fetch a price near that number since investor Carl Icahn purchased it for $150M. There is pressure on the owner to do something with the mothballed property. The city council voted to install a fabric-and-paint wrap that would cover up the exposed incomplete construction work.
The overall retail market for Las Vegas sits at a vacancy rate of 10.1 percent, which is the lowest rate since 2008.
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$195k - 4 Units

100% Occupied.

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Multi Family

$250k 3/2/2


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Multi Family

$660k - Mixed Use

75% Occupied.

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Welcome Cassandra McGonigal

Our new leasing specialist comes from Berkshire Hathaway. She has a variety of job experiences that include a massage therapist with Minnesota Vikings and a cosmetologist who helped opened McGonigals Salon. She was also a cake decorator for 14 years.

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