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Vegas Real Estate News

This article is the only one I could find related to Single Family Homes. 55% homes that are going into foreclosure are underwater. Duh. That's why they are in foreclosure.


This is surprising to me as Vegas isn't known for manufacturing or distribution. Perhaps there is an underground California current that I can't see. With the limited supply of industrial, one company is breaking ground on speculation. I don't get it.

Construction is scheduled for completion in October. The center will feature a 32-foot interior clear height, 80 trailer stalls and 248 car stalls. The space will help ease what local real estate observers say is a shortage of large-scale industrial space that’s keeping some big warehouse users from opening operations in Southern Nevada.
he Macau casino industry has continued to suffer amid a crackdown by the Chinese government on corruption that experts say has kept many high-rollers away. March was the market’s 10th consecutive month of year-over-year declines in gaming revenue. My suspicion is that this is just simply extortion by the Chinese government and Macau will suffer forever.
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$140k - 4 Units

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Strip Mall

$1M - 50% Occupied


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Multi Family

$136k - 3/2/2


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