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Vegas Real Estate
New-home sales, after coming back to life in 2013 and 2012 from the depths of the recession, have sunk this year as primary buyers, saddled with credit woes, flat wages and sticker shock, can’t pay higher listing prices. The only growth will be in the very high end homes. Expect resale homes to remain flat until the spring.

Californians are purchasing these lots with views for a premium. To prevent cookie-cutter homes from blanketing the mountain, the builder is imposing design restrictions to ensure each house has a unique, contemporary desert-themed look. Also, they are not selling lots to builders who would construct homes without buyers lined up.

North Las Vegas has written legislation to lure businesses with tax incentives to the Apex site. However, the lack of utilities prevent that area from really growing. I doubt this will have any real effect on business growth.
This is huge benefit to the Fremont investors. Until now, the only way to get real food was to travel to the burbs. The 6,000-square-foot space will hold about 10,000 items on its shelves, much less than a conventional grocery but a welcome site. The Market’s general manager, said the store will offer a wide selection of organic and gluten-free foods, as well as Ho Hos cakes. Which is important I guess.
I think this massive project has over reached retail potential. I'm not convinced they will be able to fill this development and it will struggle financially for years to come. Summerlin is filled with soccer moms and retirees. Walmart is more practical and sure to keep most of their business.
Book Release - December 1st

A Fist Full of Properties

Estimated release date will be December 1st. This book was written for property management companies - tips and techniques for a profitable business.

Multi Families of the Week
Multi Family

$180k - 7 Units

70% Occupied.

Single Family of the Week
Multi Family

$190k - 3/2/2

Approved Short Sale - Tenant Occupied.

Greek Property Manager
While traveling Eastern Europe I got a chance to interview property managers from different nationalities. Curious as to what other countries are like? Here is a property management interview from Greece.
Multi Family
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