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Vegas Real Estate
2015 Forecast
  I would like to first say that I'm not always right but the majority of our investors keep coming back to us because we are often more right than wrong... That said, I built that page to explain why investors should consider commercial over residential investments.

Buyer resistance to higher prices is pushing flippers to other markets. Appreciation in single family homes will be very modest next year after a tiny correction this coming winter. Las Vegas experiences a modest drop every winter and this one will be no exception. Modest as in barely noticeable.

Are you interested in moving to Vegas? This is a really good article comparing neighborhoods. Although I am adverse to drawing correlations between crime and neighborhood quality, this article does an excellent job describing the different "neighborhood cultures." The look and feel of different neighborhoods are accurately described. Good reading.
Business is doing well in this new Summerlin Town Center. Despite my theory it was too early to invest in retail, this development is doing better than everyone expected.
The brothers that star in HGTV's Property Brothers are making Las Vegas their home. Expect more antics on TV that describe the unique culture of Las Vegas. Welcome home!
Multi Families of the Week
Multi Family

$549k - 10 Units

100% Occupied.

No Broadcast Next Week

I will be eating to much food like everyone else! Happy Thanksgiving! We will resume broadcasting 12/3/2014.

Hunker Down For Winter
Thanksgiving is next week. If your property isn't filled by this weekend it will be a chilly winter for you. If your property is vacant, please contact us for installing a "Anti Theft Package." For $150 you reduce your chances of your property getting assaulted by 90%:
  1. Electronic lock box that only license agents can enter the property.
  2. Radio on loud of enough to hear outside.
  3. Light on timer that goes on/off all night long.
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Hard copy release in December.
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