We currently manage about 550 doors and are in desperate need of licensed property managers and leasing agents.

Why Agents Love Limestone Investments

Jim Eagan, the broker has over 20 years of property management experience and has written a book on the art of managing properties. His goal in life is to help other agents become sucessful and goes out of his way to guide agents.

Monthly Fees

An agent must earn at least $100 a month in transaction fees to avoid paying anything monthly. 4 rent commissions at $25 each for example would work or one traditional transaction.

Transaction Fees

  • $350 - Buying / Selling
  • $25 - Rental Commissions
  • $100 - Lease/Option Commissions

Commission Splits

Agents must have at least 10 completed transactions to become 100%. This is also contingent on the quality of their closing files. Barb Eagan is the person who approves escrow files. If you have questions about this, please contact her.

Property Management Earnings

Property managers receive 50% of the property management charged to the owner. For example, if a fourplex generates $200/month, the property manager gets $100 and Limestone gets $100.

Optional Earnings

  • $20 - Maintenance Dispatch
  • $30 - Posting 5 day notices
  • $100 - Rehab Management