This is the person who is on title. If the property is under an LLC, put the name followed by the name of the LLC.

This is the primary method of communicating and sending contracts. If you want to be "CCd" with all email correspondence you have multiple email addresses separated with a comma. Example:,
Primary Phone
This is the owner's cell phone. This is the number that myself or an associate will call when a deal is in play.
Secondary Phone
This is a good place for an agent's number or back up number for the owner.
Other Phone
This is in case disaster strikes.
We rarely use faxes any longer.
1 Address OR old MLS #
2 Lock Box Code
3 Tenant Status (Occupied/Vacant)
4 Requested Option Fee
5 Requested Monthly
6 Requested Rent Credit
Investment Properties
1 Address, old MLS #, or current MLS #
2 Lock Box Code (put E if electronic)
3 Tenant Status (Occupied / Vacant)
4 Tenant Type (Standard Lease / LeaseOption)
5 Monthly Rent
6 Lease Expiration Date