Name Company Phone Notes
Tom Cage AC Asset Protection (702) 487-2082
9/26/2011 - These guys build and install AC cages. Tested and do outstanding work. Schedule via email and it will be done within days.
Don Stewart Tax Management Group LLC 702-642-8953
Absolutely the best CPA for investors in property management.
Jann Hendry Jann Hendry Photography 805-377-6709
5/12/2016 - Head shots $150 very friendly and professional
Silvia Y. Mendoza 702-817-5705
Pablo Air Lopez Air 702-400-0259
Does evaporative coolers too. Prefers text.
Anthony Torsarkissian Doctor Refridgeration & Air 702-878-2198
10/4/2011 - License 43300 - Average vendor use as back up.
Mountain View Air Mountain View Air 702-286-8502
8/1/2012 - Unknown ability. 5/19/2014 - Excellent response honest and reasonable. Highly Recommend.
Quality’s One Hour AC Quality’s One Hour AC 702-553-4661
Unknown - must use CC AC and heating repairs. Doing repairs 24/7
Sierra Air Conditioning, Inc. Sierra Air Conditioning, Inc. 702-798-1055
2/2/2015 - Limestone doesn’t use them because they require a credit card.
YES! Air Conditioning YES! Air Conditioning 702-534-2997
Unknown - needs CC
One Hour Air Conditioning One Hour Air Conditioning 702-703-6855
Unknown - needs CC
Reggie Wing 702-461-8499
11/19/2013 - Good with bandaging AC units. Registered Chase.
Jessica Perdichizzi ASAP Security 702-870-8880
6/24/2014 - Preferred vendor for security installation.
Jade Gomez J & J Appliance 702-219-7569
11/19/2013 - Best approach is to text address & tenant phone to 702-219-7569. They use Intuit for billing. yay.
Aaron Billoyd's Appliance Service 702-878-4225
6/14/2011 - Untested
Paige Reiff 1 Priority Appliances Online 702-799-9394
11/19/2013 - Very expensive vendor. Recommend only for higher end properties.
George Sunrise Appliance Service 702-457-0844
Uses Intuit, Prefers fax for appliance repair or replace. Great service and great prices.
Mike The Appliance Guy 702-595-7588
7/11/2014- Untested
Bella Jimenez Orange Appliance LLC 702-405-6422
4/25/2015 - Tried, tested, does good work in repairs and we pay through Chase.
William Ray Coin Operated Laundry 623-521-4730
Coin Operated Laundry vendor at Exeter since April 2015
Dave Davis Las Vegas Appraisals 702-378-2196
6/24/2014 Excellent and easy to work with
Steve Salmon J&J Enterprises Inc 702-525-0091
Asphalt, pavement, driveway, road - untested
Nikki Dadlani Chase 702-914-9284
1/18/2013 - Part of business group. Sharp
Al Dias Blinds Direct 480-302-5175
11/12/2012 - Cheapest blinds we can find.
Customer Service Vista Print
11/19/2013 - We use these folks for business cards and we have an account with them.
Ralph Waisman 702-563-9220
5/6/2015 - Cabinet maker / custom doors for our multi family units.
Bruno Benadi Get Clean LV 702-673-8105
6/21/2014 - Carpet cleaning. Cheap and fast and good service.
Wayner Sears Mill Direct Carpet Marble & Tile 702-610-3752
5/26/2017 - Jim met at party. Does wholesale. Appointment only.
Dr Terry Wong (702) 871-5556
Art Roushkolb (702) 274-1988
10/3/2011 - Untested - Painting Power Wash Parking Lot Clean Up Block Wall Paint
Jovito & Silvia Hernandez Star Cleaning & Services 702-321-9761
10/3/2011 - Untested - Card stuck in door. Rare cleaning service that has an email.
Sales Vegas Flooring Outlet 702-749-8980
Terri Pearson Expedited Bio Hazard Cleaners 702-217-6792
10/22/2014 - Bio hazard cleaning - death etc - untested
Felicia Thompson 702-545-5129
11/4/2014 - Does trash outs for banks. Untested
Hoshea Cordowin Dry Cleaning Carpets 702-205-7359
11/22/2014 - Preferred cleaner for SFRs.
Lilly’s Housekeeping Maintenance Lilly’s Housekeeping Maintenance 702-517-4597
Brook Hurd BITS 702-233-2487
Jerry Rosales Sundance Enterprise 702-686-2684
10/12/2013 - Does excellent concrete work, stamped, color etc.
Todd Volf New Freedom Properties 702-994-9231
Does many of my rehabs. He is a bit more expensive but he is completely trustworthy, has a GC license, fair and gets jobs done on time.
Jim Martin Martin Homes Inc. 702-496-1511
4/16/2012 - Not tested. Has a valid license
Kevin Robinson Hunter Electric 702-456-5888
6/13/2012 - Untested. He’s really a general contractor and says he can do everything.
Rob Sterett 702-496-3152
6/24/2014 - Limited tools and resources.
Chuck Ferrara 808-371-9694
Terrance McFarland 702-782-6564
Anthony Magallanes 702-504-4807
Chaminda Athauda Chaminda Athauda 702-497-1935
Hoover Uchizono Uchizono Family Trust 626-818-0249
Tony Le Tony Le 702-374-7501
Breanna Barboza Kanda Breanna Barboza Kanda 818-515-5659
Miroslav Sinikovic Miroslav Sinikovic 702-408-2239
Ken Miller 702-771-7311
11/15/2012 - Does all our light repairs around Fremont area.
FirePro FirePRO 702-432-3111
Penny Vernier Valley Fire Prevention 702-274-5541
3/8/2013 - These folks do all our fire extinguishers for multi-family. Tested and reasonable. Usually installed next day.
Russ Dillingham Carpet Warehouse (702) 358-3151
8/13/2012 - On top of his game. Perfect for just carpet jobs. Outstanding work and we have an account with them.
Jerry Fullerton realty 702-275-5556
10/13/2012 - Untested business since 1981
Ron Lewis Wedlow Maintenance, Inc. 702-354-4008
Quinile Cherry 702-349-5987
4/18/2015 - Custodian at Fulstone
Unknown Aztec Garage Doors 702-415-7904
5/25/2011- This is a back up vendor to my other garage door guy. This vendor has not been tested yet.
Mike Newman RX Garage Door Services 702-275-5001
Uses Intuit - Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractors Lic #0077880 Used and is very dependable, great prices and stands behind his work.
Peter Kelly Glass 702-451-5153
Window, shower doors, anything with glass. Old school - they don’t do email.
Maricol Becerra Cut Rate Glass 702- 292-9977
11/9/2012 - Super cheap but old school and we have to pay cash. They are licensed and bonded. Best application is the old single plane glass downtown.
Anna Merillat Hybar 702-460-1415
3/31/2016 - High end windows and doors
Michelle Clarke Southern Nevada Health District 702-759-0530
11/12/2014 - Handles sewer issues, imposes fines etc.
Mark Mesolella 702-624-2022
Lynn Lint Busters 702-565-2299
Rare event when lint accumulates in the exhaust vent preventing proper dryer performance.
Homer 702-894-9000
2/24/2015 - spoke with Bill and seems very reliable and ethical. 10/3/2011- Soliciated Via email. Not tested yet.
Scott LaGesse 702-491-1270
6/14/2011 - Not tested yet. Referred by Bob Evans
Jim & Dale Handyman Services 702-493-1138
2/24/2015 - active for use. 5/5/2012- Excellent for primary buyers, work is excellent - slow and reasonable.
Ken Miller 702-771-7311
11/15/2012 - Does all our light repairs around Fremont area.
Brian Valdez 210-773-9182
1/27/2015 - Used to be our custodian. Has a truck now. Light repairs only.
Timothy Derks Jr. Done Right Handyman Service 702-281-9020
5/7/2014 - Best we got but slammed
Phil Barrows 702-290-9102
5/7/2014 - Who put this guy in? Is he tested?
Todd Schnieder Clear Cut Construction 702-210-6105
Handy Man - General Contractor - Does Handy man work, licensed as a General Contractor can do big rehabs as well. Can pay through Intuit. Likes email for job assignments
Keith Kollbaum 702-768-1081
4/26/2014 - Excellent, tested and Chase. License 42015
Mario Mario’s Handyman Specialist 702-767-7480
11/20/2014 - Truck looked clean and proficient
Ryan Johnson Jack of Trades 702-513-6106
Roy Soto Roy Soto 1-619-251-2018
Levi Ortiz 702-542-8836
Jason Gray Budget Services, LLC 702-338-9337
Darryl Conner Darryl Conner (custodian Linden) 702-619-7749
Customer Service Old Republic 800-445-6999
1/11/2013 - Best warranty business. Apply and file online applications:
Old Republic Home Warranty Old Republic Home Warranty 1-800-972-5985
Rob Mounger Associated Inspectors LLC 702-502-7345
12/22/2014 - Our preferred inspector
Larry Edwards Bridge Inspections 702-481-2262
Jeff Glover State Farm (702) 645-0899
8/10/2012 - Super nice guy and handles clients professionally.
Rick Morache Western Sage 702-596-3030
10/23/2012 - Offers insurance for investment properties.
Norm Schilling Schilling Horticulture 702-452-5272
Top of his game on tree, plants and general horticulture. He’s over the top for a typical investment property - better suited for primary buyers.
Jimmi Mckee S & J Landscaping 702-767-3886
7/14/2011 - These people are excellent. Pricey but on top of their game. We have an account with them.Las Vegas, NV
Alberto Marin Landscaping 702-742-5887
10/15/2012 - Casual labor - about $100 day, no habla English but perfect for pure labor.
David Hernandez Blue & Green Services, LLC 702-265-6814
7/29/2013 - These folks handle weekly landscaping for commercial properties. They are very professional and offer good prices but don’t use Intuit.
Adam Eaton Freeman Land Care 702-629-0457
Shirley Derke Shirley Derke Esq 702-386-6800
8/25/2015 - Proficient and used by Jim / Barb Eagan
Glen Howard Esq The Bourassa Law Group LLC 702-851-2180
Does traffic tickets and litigation related to construction defects.
Chris Cannistra Leak Terminators Inc 702-363-9500
1/4/2013 - Proficient and we have him on our Chase pay.
Vicki Macias 702-542-0159
10/7/2015 - Handles the majority of our multi family rehabs. Has an account with us via Chase
Vicki Macias 702-409-4102
6/24/2014 - Does some light rehab. Limited transportation.
Russell ABC Locksmiths 702-598-1630
3/26/2011 - This franchise is pretty good. The kids they send out are polite, professional and on time. Prices are good but don’t use for sophisticated tasks.
Bill Bill’s Lock & Key 702-794-2455
7/9/2011 - Cheap and probably the most experienced I have met BUT a real talker. We have an account with thim.
Office Locksmith 702-222-1201
John Perdichizzi ASAP Security 702-870-8880
6/24/2014 - Preferred vendor for security installation and lock changes
Pebbles Franco Unique Home Solutions 702-684-3235
Lynda & Dale Brown Las Vegas Wheel Alignment 702-384-3422
Mechanic - best in town
Gregory Gilbert Metal Man Inc 702-998-9944
A3/2/2015 - C Cages - $350 This includes Fabrication, Paint, and Install. Metal Man Mobile Welding - good work but slow to schedule
Sergio Michael Valley West Mortgage 702-256-222
Bart Roberts Bank of George 702-450-5210
Commercial loans
Aundrea Beach-Greco CMG Financial 702-326-7866
Forrest Hoffman Security National 702-562-9775 x 128
Barb & Jim preferred lender.
Sherree Montero The Mortgage Maker 702-752-2286
Sean McDonald 510-676-7226
Hard money lender
Laura Revis New American Funding 702-768-5069
Forest Hoffmann Security National Mortgage 702-683-8159
Todd Grey Capitol North American (702) 327-8696
Top notch moving. Best in business.
Luis Painter 702-236-5045
7/26/2011 - Does drywall & paint. Cheap but can’t schedule well.
Mark Mesolella 702-624-2022
Cindy & Paul Rodriguez Pauls Extermination 702-358-3204
Very personal - best in business
Atlas Plumbing Atlas Plumbing 702-385-3656
2/8/2011 - Pricey but on top of their game. We have an account with them so payment is easy to deal with.
Office A Better Plumbing 702-813-4236
Dryzone Dryzone 702-629-7500
6/30/2013 - 702-748-7908 emergency 4/12/2013 - These guys specialize in flooding, dry vac, emergency 24/7 flood etc. Saw on nice commercial truck.
Delinda Fauley Focus Plumbing 702-851-9725
4/14/2015 - Good but they don’t do slab leaks or repipe. 6/27/2013 - Excellent work and they use Intuit for payments. Our preferred vendor. is their intuit payment access.
Pablo Handy LCD Corporation 702-400-0259
Does evaporative coolers too. Prefers text.
Walter Nance III Discount Drain Cleaning Company 702-272-8743
Erik Brandin Brandon Pool Services 702-872-9043
6/23/2011 - This guy rocks. Best pool guy I know.
Syd Kennedy Alchemist Pool Service 702-247-9522
6/24/2014- Do excellent work and are using Intuit.
Gary Lindsay Lindsey Pool Plastering 702-870-3078
12/20/2012 - Contractor license (30242) is old which is a good sign.
Josh August Vegas Pool Cleaners 702-628-6955
4/22/2013 - Good systems in place. They use Paypal to pay which is as good as Intuit Nevada State Business License # NV20121304884
Robert Scully Guaranteed Pool Service 702-458-5703
5/14/2013 - We are testing these folks on Whipoorwill Way as Alchemist won’t service that zip code. Las Vegas, NV
James Hampton 702-475-2476
11/22/2014 - Custodian at Princeton
Larry Goldstein Rapid Refill 702-221-2465
9/8/2011 - Refills anywhere in Vegas. Peers give great reviews.
Paul Whiting Brothers Rock City 702-457-4066
Jim Bishop Mac Roofing Services 702-269-7911
10/3/2011 - Preferred roofing vendor. Specializes in flat roofs but can do anything. Old school so don’t trust email. Best way to schedule is via Fax (702) 454-3358
Chris Deck Systems (702) 558-5777
9/28/2013 - Vendor used for Palo Verde Roof / Deck
John Scanlon Let it Rain Roofing 702-459-7246
Karen Chief Septic Inspection 702-897-0092
4/11/2011 - Very professional and reasonable.
Terry Bradley Color Gamut Digital Imaging / Signs 702-269-6989
Terry Bradley
Jerry Paul’s Neon Signs 702-388-7446
2/1/2013 - These folks handle all our large local custom signs. Not banners or yard signs. 1620 Sahara
Jim Brown 702-215-9538
Brian Ichikawa AT&T (702) 266-7526
Randy Dell Affordable Communications 725-400-9292
Specializes in low voltage & telephone. Best suited for commercial or extremely high end residential.
John Stevens Termite Inspections (702) 379-0749
4/8/2011 - Referred by Chris Mounger. Average cost is $70.
Shelly Skinner First American Title 702-405-1116
12/9/2014 - Preferred vendor for Title.
Michael Kish Orion Towing 702-901-3134
7/29/2017 - Referred by Michelle Sheets
Eric Callahan Affordable Tree Service Inc.
Southwest Gas Southwest Gas 877-860-6020
Gas Utility
North Las Vegas Water North Las Vegas 702-633-1484
Henderson Water Henderson Water 702-267-5900
Las Vegas Water Las Vegas Water
Mindi Clackum Republic Services Trash 702-735-5151
Anna / Customer Support Wash Laundry Services
2/28/2013 - They are good and handle our 11th Street Laundry - Washing Machine Rentals
We do not receive compensation from these vendors. It is your responsibility to do your own due diligence and we make no warranties or claims on their performance. This list is a courtesy. If you have a negative experience, report them so we can update their profile.

Las Vegas

Nevada Power (800) 331-3103
Southwest Gas (877) 860-6020
Water (702) 870-2011
Cable (866) 544-3639
Telephone (866) 866-7509

North Las Vegas (closed Fridays)

Nevada Power (800) 331-3103
Southwest Gas (877) 860-6020
Water (702) 633-1275
Cable (866) 544-3639
Telephone (866) 866-7509

Henderson (closed Fridays)

Nevada Power (800) 331-3103
Southwest Gas (877) 860-6020
Henderson Water (702) 267-5900
Cable (866) 544-3639
Telephone (866) 866-7509