moneybag 100You will make more money and get better tenants by making your property available for lease with option to purchase.

Folks who put down a lot of money and pay a monthly premium who intend to purchase your property generally make much better tenants. You will also save a significant amount of money in rehab and appliances if you offer lease-option incentives at the back end of the deal. In the rental market, you will rehab your property at least every 3rd tenant. With a lease-option it is about every 5th tenant.

check purple 100Your property will move faster as a lease-option than it will with a standard rental.

This surprises many investors. The reason is because there are more properties available for rent than there are for lease-options. Limestone Investments has over 2800 buyer/tenants on a distribution list. These folks are waiting for the right property to come along. In summary, there is a short supply and a large demand for rent to own properties.

check purple 100Decide your strategy before you close escrow.

Most investors are so exhausted once a property goes into escrow that they go to sleep. They throw away a whole month of income away while they dilly dally and debate between renting or doing a lease-option. Decide now so we can get a tenant by the time we close! If a tenant wants a particular home in a particular neighborhood, they will be elated to find out what repairs will be made and when they can move in.

check purple 100Don't try both strategies at the same time.

Investors who try to do a lease-option and a standard lease at the same time just end up confusing a tenant/buyer. There are a lot properties that are available for rent and if you confuse a prospect, they will simply pick a property that's easy to understand. There are so many shady agents running around Las Vegas that some prospects will move along because they think we are trying some "bait & switch" technique. Trying both strategies at the same time just makes the property harder to move.

check purple 100Adjust the price of the property every week until your property moves.

Very small weekly adjustments in the price of the property will keep it fresh on the web radar. It will also enable you to get the best price for your property. Making massive changes to price every 2 months is the worst thing you can do. Since we broadcast properties on Mondays, it's a very good idea to adjust your pricing no later than Saturday.


green check 100We can help

profit 100LEASE-OPTION

Fees - 50% of the option fee.
Start Up Cost - $0
Optional - 5% for rent collection and management. Bounties to other agents are included.

Advantage: This gives you the most income for your investment as your tenants are responsible for most repairs, they pay more than market rent and they pay you directly. You also get better quality tenants on a lease with the option to purchase your property. This list shows you what we have available if you want to see examples. Also, a Federal Tax ID or EIN is not required as the tenant can pay you directly.

Disadvantage: There is a chance you can lose money at the end of a lease-option, if the tenant actually purchases the property (rare).

The owner must have at least 10% equity in the property.

Answers to FAQs | Sample Contract


Monthly - 10% for single family properties / $50 per door on multi family properties
Start Up Cost - $100 (each door in a multi family)
Optional - Bounty to other agents

Advantage: You can kick back and let us deal with the headaches. We generally charge $30 for each service call and you get to see the vendor's invoice. In many cases, the tenant pays that service call. Major rehabs can cost up to 5% over vendor invoice.

Disadvantage: You will get the least amount of income from your investment.

Foreign nationals must have an EIN number (tax ID issued by IRS).

Answers to FAQs | Sample Single Family Contract | Sample Multi Family Contract


Fees - 75% of first month rent
Start Up Cost - $0
Optional - Bounty to other agents

Advantage: We find your tenant and then they pay you directly. There are no monthly charges. You get free access to our vendor list. You will manage your own repairs and pay for them directly. Once we collect your deposit and first month's rent, we are out.

Disadvantage: You will be dealing with rent collection and the tenant will be calling you if something goes wrong. You get to experience our profession.

**Only available to locals

Sample Contract

Info 100We offer The Most Solutions

No other company in Las Vegas offers all three types of property management services. We also have the largest lease-option inventory available with over 3,400 tenants on our waiting list.

green check 100Fast Customer Service

Multiple phone numbers for emergencies. Hundreds of vendors are in our database for quick response. Vendors are coordinated via the web for accurate information.

green check 100Non-Exclusive

No long term contracts. No up front fees. We are so confident in our services, we know you won't want to leave. You can back out at any time with no penalties.

green check 100Instant Access

Login to your property portal to get instant information on status and tenants. You can change advertising terms & conditions 24x7.

green check 100We get paid when you get paid

We don't get compensated until we find your tenant. On multi-family properties, we only charge you for units that are occupied and there are no administrative costs on top of the whole property.

green check 100Since 1995

The broker for Limestone Investments has been managing his own properties that include commercial, multi-family and single family properties. He uses his experience to teach Limestone agents and has been coaching other companies for the last decade.

green check 100Tenants Placed Quickly

We place 4 tenants a week during the summer. Our agents are commission only. Advertise everywhere (Signs, MLS, Craigslist...)

green check 100Tenants Pay or Leave

"Elegant Departures" are the most common form of evictions. Court appearances are no problem. We eat lawyers for breakfast. "Lock Outs" are used as a last resort.

green check 100Licensed Property Managers

3 fully licensed property managers. Education and activities monitored by the state. Trust accounts monitored by the state.

green check 100Solid Reputation

References - Most of our business comes from referrals.