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Lease W/Option

Full Service

Tenant Placement

50% of the option fee.
 Start Up $0
5% for rent collection and management.
Bounties to other agents are included.


10% for single family properties
$50 per door on multi family properties
 Start Up $100 (each door in a multi family)
Bounty to other agents.
75% of first month rent
 Start Up $0
Bounty to other agents.
Advantage: This gives you the most cash out of your property as your tenants are responsible for most repairs, they pay more than market rent and they pay you directly. You also get better quality tenants with a lease with an option to purchase your property. This list shows you what we have available if you want to see examples. Also, a Federal Tax ID or EIN is not required as the tenant can pay you directly. Advantage: You can kick back and let us deal with the headaches. We generally charge $30 for each service call and you get to see the vendor's invoice. In many cases, the tenant pays that service call. Major rehabs can cost up to 5% over vendor invoice. Advantage: We find your tenant and then they pay you directly. There are no monthly charges. You get free access to our vendor list. You will manage your own repairs and pay them directly. Once we collect your deposit and first month's rent, we are out.
Disadvantage: There is a chance you can lose money at the end of a lease/option. Disadvantage: You will get the least amount of cash out of your property. Disadvantage: You will be dealing with rent collection and the tenant will be calling you if something goes wrong. You get to experience our profession.
The owner must have at least 10% equity in the property. Foreign nationals must have a EIN#. Only available to locals.
We offer The Most Solutions
No other company in Las Vegas offers all three types of services. We also have the largest lease/option inventory available with over 3,400 tenants on our waiting list.
Fast Customer Service
Multiple phone numbers for emergencies.
Hundreds of vendors are in our data base for quick response.
Vendors are coordinated via the web for accurate information
No long term contracts.
No up front fees.
You can leave at any time.
Instant Access
Login to your property to get instant information on status and tenants.
You can change advertising terms & conditions 24x7.
Paid When Tenants Placed
We don't get compensated until we find your tenant. Since 1997
Broker has been managing properties.
Experience in single family, multi-family and commercial.
Broker has general contractor experience in dealing with all trades.
Tenants Placed Quickly
We place 4 tenants a week during the summer.
Hungry agents are commission only.
Advertise everywhere (Signs, MLS, Craigslist...)
Tenants Pay or Leave
"Elegant Departures" are the most common form of evictions.
Court appearances are no problem. We eat lawyers for breakfast.
"Lock Outs" are used as a last resort.
Licensed Property Managers
4 fully licensed property managers.
Education and activities monitored by the state.
Trust accounts monitored by the state.
Solid Reputation
Most of our business is by referral.

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Las Vegas Real Estate News

Creditors repossessed 677 homes in the Las Vegas area in May, the third consecutive month-to-month increase and the highest monthly tally in more than 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, the prices of them don't reflect the surge. Many of them are listed way over market.


Builders sold 527 new homes in Southern Nevada last month, bringing the year’s total to 2,360, a year-to-year increase of 8.9 percent. The median closing price in May was $315,250, up 12.6 percent from a year earlier. This trend will probably flatten out in October as we reach the end of a typical selling season.

For some odd reason, this article buried an important survey in the middle of a construction article. All Property Management ranked Las Vegas No. 7 in the West and No. 10 nationally among its best markets for rental real estate investment in the first quarter. Year-to-year property-value gains averaging 12.7 percent — the highest “by far” nationwide in the quarter. A rental-capitalization rate of nearly 8 percent also helped make the case.
Commercial lending back in the hay day was usually in the 80% to value range. Now it's more like the 55% ratio. With interest rates at a historical low, low prices and stiff lending requirements, there is no better time to pay for commercial with cash than right now.
Multi Family

$170k - 7 Units

75% Occupied.

Commercial of the Week
Strip Mall


4 Unit Retail


Single Family of the Week
Single Family

$170k - 3/2/2


AC Filters
Intuit Payment Issues

We completed our task of changing out filters for multi family properties. Our next scheduled event is for single family properties. The cost will be $10 for the filter, $20 for delivery and $10 to admin for a total of $40. If you don't want your filters replaced, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to remove you from that list.


Intuit has been increasingly "buggy" the last few weeks. Owners have been having problems paying us for repairs so we are looking at alternative vendors in the next coming weeks.

If you are currently receiving funds from Intuit, we will be changing procedures with you by paying you directly from Chase. Liza will be contacting everyone who receives funds from Intuit and switching them to Chase.

Hard Copy Now Available

Concepts, strategies and practical solutions are clearly explained to those who want to manage their own properties or own a property management business. Hard copy release in March.

Hiring Managers
  Screening Tenants
  Maintaining Vendors
  Keeping Your Sanity
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