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Lease W/Option

Full Service

Tenant Placement

50% of the option fee.
 Start Up $0
5% for rent collection and management.
Bounties to other agents are included.


10% for single family properties
$50 per door on multi family properties
 Start Up $100 (each door in a multi family)
Bounty to other agents.
75% of first month rent
 Start Up $0
Bounty to other agents.
Advantage: This gives you the most cash out of your property as your tenants are responsible for most repairs, they pay more than market rent and they pay you directly. You also get better quality tenants with a lease with an option to purchase your property. This list shows you what we have available if you want to see examples. Also, a Federal Tax ID or EIN is not required as the tenant can pay you directly. Advantage: You can kick back and let us deal with the headaches. We generally charge $30 for each service call and you get to see the vendor's invoice. In many cases, the tenant pays that service call. Major rehabs can cost up to 5% over vendor invoice. Advantage: We find your tenant and then they pay you directly. There are no monthly charges. You get free access to our vendor list. You will manage your own repairs and pay them directly. Once we collect your deposit and first month's rent, we are out.
Disadvantage: There is a chance you can lose money at the end of a lease/option. Disadvantage: You will get the least amount of cash out of your property. Disadvantage: You will be dealing with rent collection and the tenant will be calling you if something goes wrong. You get to experience our profession.
The owner must have at least 10% equity in the property. Foreign nationals must have a EIN#. Only available to locals.
We offer The Most Solutions
No other company in Las Vegas offers all three types of services. We also have the largest lease/option inventory available with over 3,400 tenants on our waiting list.
Fast Customer Service
Multiple phone numbers for emergencies.
Hundreds of vendors are in our data base for quick response.
Vendors are coordinated via the web for accurate information
No long term contracts.
No up front fees.
You can leave at any time.
Instant Access
Login to your property to get instant information on status and tenants.
You can change advertising terms & conditions 24x7.
Paid When Tenants Placed
We don't get compensated until we find your tenant. Since 1997
Broker has been managing properties.
Experience in single family, multi-family and commercial.
Broker has general contractor experience in dealing with all trades.
Tenants Placed Quickly
We place 4 tenants a week during the summer.
Hungry agents are commission only.
Advertise everywhere (Signs, MLS, Craigslist...)
Tenants Pay or Leave
"Elegant Departures" are the most common form of evictions.
Court appearances are no problem. We eat lawyers for breakfast.
"Lock Outs" are used as a last resort.
Licensed Property Managers
4 fully licensed property managers.
Education and activities monitored by the state.
Trust accounts monitored by the state.
Solid Reputation
Most of our business is by referral.

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Vegas Real Estate
8.5% has been projected for this year. It's not as aggressive as last year but still an increase. Cash flows are diminishing and rent increases are nowhere in site.
This project, 60 miles North of Las Vegas never had a chance. It will be a few decades before something like this will make sense again. The most tragic part of this will be watching all those palm trees die a slow miserable death. Let's hope someone has the foresight to sell the trees before the desert consumes them.
I'm seriously glad this person will be doing 5 years in prison. Agents like this tarnishes our industry. This case is another example of why you should never ever never get into a partnership or real estate trust. Even if you don't get scammed, there is a good chance you will never see your money again.
A stadium downtown will pump up the Fremont St volume even more. We are very bullish on anything near downtown. Affordable housing will become even more attractive and highly recommend purchasing anything you can get your hand on near the downtown area.
Life is good. The department said the number of workers in the construction sector rose statewide from 57,100 in June 2013 to 62,700, a gain of 9.8 percent. And the number of jobs in the professional and business section was up 7.7 percent to 161,800. Vacancies are down and we expect rents to start climbing in the spring of 2015.
With all that cash pouring in, there is no surprise that these guys always get nailed for taxes. Unless you are disciplined, we don't recommend owning as strip club. There are few for sale if you really want to test your convictions.
Soccer Stadum
Multi Families of the Week
Multi Family

$240k - 6 Units

100% Occupied.


$105k 3/2/2


Book To Be Released
A Fist Full of Properties

I just finished writing a book for property managers. Editors are hacking at it now and illustrations will be finished by October. Estimated release date will be November 1st.

Lease/Option Changes

We have made significant changes to our lease/option contracts. With more tenants exercising their option to purchase, we have added verbiage that covers the process for exercising the option. This page covers that new component of our contract.

AC Filters

Starting this month we are going to implement a more systematic approach to having AC filters replaced. Our goal is to replace these as cheaply as possible so our investors don't keep getting hit with large AC repairs. We will be charging for the cost of the filter plus about $20 to have them replaced every 6 months. If you don't want to participate or you want to replace these yourself, reply to me and I will take you off our list.

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