Who We Are

Property Management is what we do. We sleep, breath and talk property management.  The president Jim Eagan has written books on property management and is dedicated to helping investors and tenants achieve their goals.

Limestone investments Team

Unit Mix

We manage properties throughout the Clark County Area. This includes Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. The total doors under management in 2023 was 231. Total assets under management is about $60M.

Jim Eagan (broker) and Barb Eagan purchased residential properties and multi units in Las Vegas in 2004. They were introduced to lease-options a few years later and converted all of their rentals into single family homes available for lease-options. In the process of advertising the properties, Jim created a website designed to explain the process of lease-options and show the details of available properties.

In November 2008, Limestone Investments predicted that there would be a shortage of inventory available for buyer/tenants not qualified to purchase a home. Since investors were quickly moving in on killer deals available, a whole process was created to assist investors in deciding which properties to purchase. As investors began snapping up properties, property management services were added to the lease-option program.

In May 2011, more agents were added to accommodate the purchases of multi-family properties. Limestone Investments can now manage everything from single family, multi-family and single occupancy commercial rentals.

In March 2013, Limestone Investments purchased a modest commercial building on 1620 East Sahara where the office resides today. 

In 2016, a decision was made to cease management of multi family buildings. Since nearly all lawsuits and evictions centered around multi family buildings, it no longer made sense to manage them and investors where encouraged to sell them. The total number of doors under management went from about 500 doors to 300 doors.

At the end 2023, the total number of doors under management was 231 and the total assets under management was $60M.

Jim Eagan

Jim Eagan


Jim has mentored and taught classes on effective property management techniques. He is an author, entrepreneur, triathlete, and radio/tv personality that has been managing residential, multi family, and commercial real estate since 1994.

Bob Kinniburgh

Bob Kinniburgh

Senor Manager

Bob has been investing in Real Estate since late 1970. He is skilled in identifying potential financial successes and failures. Though there are a lot of opportunities in today’s real estate market, especially in Las Vegas, he believes every property cannot be turned into a financial success.

Barb Eagan

Barb Eagan


Barb studies real estate, mortgages, credit, and anything that will help help assist buyers and sellers. She is the “go to” person for listings and buyers. Her skills in mortgage help a buyer qualify before they pin their hopes on a home without jumping through the mortgage paperwork hoops.

Resources For Renters

We don’t just manage properties, we help tenant escape the rent trap and eventually own their own home. In the meantime, you will find these links useful:

Property Management

From home owners to vacation property owners, our portfolio of property management tools keeps our tenant placement rates higher than industry averages. 

Investor Resources

We offer a complete system for finding, repairing, and managing investment properties. Our full service Property Management services are the best in the business.