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Agents Needed

We currently manage about 500 doors and are in desperate need of licensed property managers and leasing agents. We are slammed with buyers, owners and tenants. We want to share those leads with other rock star agents!

Why Agents Love Limestone Investments

Jim Eagan, the broker has over 20 years of property management experience and has written a book on the art of managing properties. His goal in life is to help other agents become successful. He truly cares for his agents and coaches them on how to make more money and live a balanced life. In the last 5 years, he’s helped 2 agents launch their own brokerage. 


Limestone Investments is a ‘no frills’ brokerage at 1620 E Sahara (between Maryland and Eastern). Agents keep more money in their pockets because there is very little overhead. The brokerage owns it’s own building and does everything possible to keep costs down. There are no fancy receptionists or marble entry ways. We are here to help clients with their real estate. Agents rarely go to the office because all the transactions are virtual and agents meet their clients at properties. Only property managers are required to attend a one hour status meeting on Mondays. Other agents often attend to learn more about the leasing and property management side of the business.

Monthly Fees

An agent must earn at least $100 a month in transaction fees to avoid paying anything monthly. 4 rent commissions at $25 each for example would work or one traditional transaction.

Transaction Fees

  • $350 – Buying / Selling
  • $25 – Rental Commissions

Commission Splits

Agents must have at least 5 completed transactions to become 100%. Agents who need their hands held costs us 30% per transaction.  Barb Eagan is the co-broker who approves escrow files. If you have questions about this, please contact her at (702) 759-9724.

Property Management Earnings

Property managers receive 50% of the property management charged to the owner. For example, if a fourplex generates $200/month, the property manager gets $100 and Limestone gets $100.

Optional Earnings

  • $20 – Maintenance Dispatch.
  • $30 – Posting 5 day notices.
  • $100 – Rehab Management.
  • $100 – Lease generation.
  • $100 – Property Set Up
  • $40 – Inspections
  • $250 – Court appearances….


I’m not an experienced agent and have less than 5 transactions under my belt. How can I join Limestone?

You can join the Limestone leasing team OR help with our agents open houses. You will stay with your brokerage until you have learned some lessons with your current broker.

I’m already an experienced agent with at least 5 transactions, how do I prove that I know what I’m doing?

Bring your transactions to Barb Eagan on a thumb drive OR share them on a dropbox folder. Barb will know within minutes if you are experienced.

Are there any monthly fees?

Not unless you doing this for a hobby. Agents who close one traditional deal or do 4 rental commissions a month don’t pay anything. We are not here to collect the $100, we only want people to take this profession as serious as we do.

Do I have to come to any weekly staff meetings?

Property Managers are required to attend Monday morning meetings. The meeting lasts precisely one hour because the broker is ex-military. You are there because you want to learn how to be a rock star property manager. You are there because there is over 30 years of combined experience to help you make more money at that meeting.

Non-Property Managers / Traditional Agents – are required to attend the “all hands” meeting on the first Monday of the month. The purpose of that meeting is to share information to help you make more money. That meeting lasts precisely one hour and we don’t mess around. We are not there for our health.

Do I have to drive all the way across town to pick up my commission check?

No. That’s silly. We do everything electronically. We pay you within a few days of your check arriving at our brokerage as long as your files are in order. Limestone Investments was built to be mobile. No one comes to the office unless they are attending a meeting or getting some coaching.

What kind of system do you use for transaction files?

We use Dropbox to manage transactions. This system is easy to use and allows the co-broker to see what you are doing. That mobile friendly solution makes your life easy to store and retrieve files. The snapshot below shows our methodology for numbering files. Cake.


What kind of system do you use for managing properties?

We use Appfolio which is a web based property management dedicated software package. It rocks. That software is integrated with our website to track who, what and where. 

What happens if I don’t like Limestone and want to leave?

No problem. You can take your listings and buyers with you. You worked hard for that and it’s not fair to take them from you.

How do I join the team?

If you already have more than 5 transactions, contact Barb Eagan at (702) 759-9724 for a phone interview. If you have less than 5 transactions but willing do fight in the rental trenches, contact Jim Eagan at (702) 287-1092 for lunch.