Airbnb & VRBO (Short Term Rentals)

This is a terrible time to be looking to purchase a property in Las Vegas and turn into a short term rental.

  1. Everything Is WAY Overpriced – Californians are falling all over themselves to outbid each other. Over appraisal, cash offers, no contingencies. You are walking into a firestorm of people purchasing without common sense.
  2. You Can’t Get A License – That’s right. All those thousands of short term rentals you see out there are not licensed. Read more below…

Before you get too excited about buying a property, here is some important information you need to know. Very few properties are eligible to become licensed. If your property is in an HOA, there is 99% chance you cannot get a license. If you don’t know, send us your CCRs and we will look through it.

If your property is NOT IN AN HOA, the next step is to find out what municipality your property is located. There are essentially 4 categories, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson & Clark County. Got to this page and type in your address. You are looking for the wording next to Town. Example:


  • Las Vegas – Unless you live in the home, you cannot get a license.
  • North Las Vegas – Unless you have owned the home one year AND it is less than 660 feet away from another Airbnb, you cannot get a license.
  • Henderson – If it is less than 660 feet away from another Airbnb, you cannot get a license.
  • Anything Else (Sunrise, Paradise…) – You cannot get a license YET. There are about 8,000 short term rentals in Clark County and we predict it will be a major dog pile when the county allows licensing (probably December 2021). We predict that only 4,000 will pass the minimum distance rule. We do not know how this is going to go down or how the county will determine who gets a license.  Jim Eagan is the Vice President of the local short term rental association so he’s on top of it.

If you already have a property and you want us to manage it, click here.

Here are some FAQs about short term rentals.