Books by Jim Eagan

In my extensive experience in Real Estate investment and property management, I’ve learned a lot about how the following two groups of professionals can increase the probability of reaching their goals:

  1. Owners who manage their own properties.
  2. Property managers.

In my books, I’ve documented my hard-won wisdom gained both through trial and error and success to enable these professionals to accelerate their goals by applying best practices and avoiding errors along the way.

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel! Benefit from my experience.

Books by Jim Eagan | A Few Properties More | Book by Jim Eagan, Real Estate Investor and Property Manager | Las Vegas, Nevada

For Investors Who Purchase and Manage Their Own Properties

This book is for investors who purchase and manage residential properties and want to take their game to the next level. Having managed properties for over twenty-five years and coached other property management professionals, I designed this book to provide you with extra tips and techniques to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Real Practical Advice on Screening Tenants
and Managing Your Properties

Focus: Properties Located in Suburban Areas

Most of these concepts apply to suburban neighborhoods near or in major cities. I’m using Las Vegas, Nevada as my main example throughout the book. Although you can apply many of the principles to dense areas like New York City or Los Angeles, my main focus is on typical investment properties located in suburban areas.

Books by Jim Eagan | A Fistful of Properties | Book by Jim Eagan, Real Estate Investor and Property Manager | Las Vegas, Nevada

For Property Managers and Brokers as Business Owners

This book was written to help other property managers and brokers live a comfortable balanced life. While most of the concepts and tips are applicable to folks who want to manage their own properties, the majority of the content is for business owners.

Written to Prevent Property Managers
from Becoming Chain Smoking Alcoholics!

Both Small and Large Operations

This book also applies to small and large operations. Tip and techniques are useful for investors who want to learn how to build a large portfolio of rental properties.