The Home Buying Process

green check 100Step 1
Determine how your property will be held.
Frequently asked questions and why you need to do this first – includes asset holding tips.
Recommended LLC / Tax Professionals.

green check 100Step 2
Determine who you will work with before traveling. Frequently asked questions on selecting an agent.
The Limestone Team

green check 100Step 3
Line up your financing before looking.
Frequently asked questions on why this is so important – plus lots of helpful financing information.
Recommended Loan Professionals.

green check 100Step 4
Arrange to scout for a variety of properties.
You need to get an idea of what is available before hunting specific properties. Tips on Scouting.

green check 100Step 5
Go hunting only after you have ammunition.
You can avoid brain damage if you have done your homework. Tips on hunting.

green check 100Step 6
What you should be doing while in escrow.
This page answers questions and provides tips about the Las Vegas escrow and closing process.

green check 100Step 7
Get your property ready for move in.
This page provides tips and answers questions about our property rehab process.