Eviction Guarantee

We guarantee the tenant we place won’t require an eviction.

If we have to evict the tenant we placed for non-payment of rent, we will cover the eviction costs and one month of rent.

Most investors simply can’t afford a bad tenant. The costs to process evictions are high and complicated, the loss of income for the investor can be devastating, and the refurbishment costs of their property enormous. Our program is a simple one. As a client of Limestone Investments, we will provide complete coverage of the expense of removing the tenant(s) from the property for a nominal monthly fee. This includes posting notices, court filings, and changing the locks on the property once the eviction occurs. We also supervise the final removal of the tenants’ possessions, monitor the vacant property, and reimburse our owner’s one month’s rent.

Below is a chart of the weekly eviction filings for Clark County (courtesy The Eviction Lab). In December alone, there was an 80% increase over the average filings, and we believe that trend will continue.

Clark County Evictions