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A Fist Full of Properties

A Fist Full of Properties

About the Author

His 20 years of experience in managing properties provides you with insights on how to actually make a comfortable living. He has a degree in Aerospace engineering and has owned multiple businesses. With over 450 doors under management, his sense of humor and stories will keep you entertained.


Proven techniques for managing properties.

Packed with humor to help other property managers and brokers live a comfortable and balanced life in a land of chaos.

Concepts, strategies and practical solutions are clearly explained to those who want to manage their own properties or own a property management business. Tips and techniques are useful for anyone who wants to learn how to build a large portfolio of rental properties.

  • Filtering Investors
  • Hiring Property Managers
  • Screening Tenants
  • Hiring Vendors
  • Industry Secrets
  • Maintaining Your Sanity

Learn how to occupy properties quickly and become a “Tenant Whisperer”! Full of illustrations, stories and videos, this book is an easy and practical read for anyone in the property management business.

You can receive an electronic version before the hard copy release in December.