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You can visit our Google and Yelp reviews directly at the above image links. Note that failure to pay rent or provide adequate credit information in a rent application will create an undesirable result (eviction / non-approval) for the renter. These situations sometimes result in negative reviews. We go to great lengths to work with renters, guiding them to take actions that will produce the most positive result.


Following are 6 pages of glowing testimonials that somehow got pushed down on Yelp, possibly because we do not have a paid Yelp account. 

Irene S. Corona, CA:  Usually most companies never show up on time and they did.  They said between 2 and 4pm, and he showed up at 2pm.  So my day was not wasted .  Jim is the best.

Tony C. Las Vegas, NV: :The owners Jim Eagan and Barb Eagan, BOTH are two of the most professional and helpful people I have ever met in the Real Estate industry! I have been a renter for years from them and the qualification process they use is very easy and seamless. And, when it comes to any type of maintenance issue, they are ON TOP OF IT like a June bug on a cow paddy! LOL. Their attention to detail is unequivocally the best I’ve ever experienced. Their response rate is within hours! I highly recommend them for ANY type of real estate need you may have. If you’re a renter, call Jim. If you want to purchase a house, call Barb. BOTH are ready to help anyone just like they did me! Thanks Jim and Barb and to your real estate team! You guys Rock!

Theresa S. Henderson, NV: I would like to thank Jim Eagan and his team for there timely response on the inspection and replacement of our dishwasher. From the moment I contacted Jim I was impressed, he responded immediately and within two days we had a new dishwasher installed. The maintenance crew was extremely professional and did a great job. It was a very pleasant experience.

Bobby Sing, Bronx, Bronx, NY: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and Silvia for getting this transaction done.
Silvia was exceptionally helpful and professional in this matter. With you on the other side of the globe,
Silvia ran with this like a true champion. She is quite capable and competent and I enjoyed working with her. Special thanks also to Wendi williams for managing the lease option aspect over the years. You and your outfit are top shelf.

Shauna F. Henderson, NV: Amazing property management company to rent from!!! I’ve dealt with Jim (& Cindy) and cannot say enough good things! From move in to move out and everything in between it has been such an easy process. Any repairs were fixed quickly, emails were responded to immediately, they don’t hit you with random fees and they really make everything stress free. Very pleased with the whole process and if I had not bought a home I would definitely continue renting from them!

Craig J.: North Las Vegas, NV I’ve been renting this property for almost 4 years now and cannot be happier with the property management and maintenance. I recently had an issue with my garage door not working. After putting in my maintenance request, I was contacted to schedule an appointment for them to come out and repair it. Richard, the maintenance worker, was prompt, pleasant, and fast! Fixed my issue quickly and kept me entertained while he did so. I’ve been very happy here for the last 4 years and don’t plan on going anywhere because of it 🙂

Norah M. Henderson, NV I am so grateful to Limestone Investments! In the past five years it has been my experience, that as soon as I need help in a maintenance matter, I can expect an immediate reply from the maintenance director, Barb. She has been so helpful and gets me serviced in a timely manner with a professional that has always done exactly what needed to be fixed. Many, many thanks to the entire company for addressing any and all of the issues that have arisen.

Michelle R. Las Vegas, NV  Great company to rent from. I moved into one of their properties in March and I’ve been completely satisfied. When there’s a maintenance issue they take care of it right away and they send top notch companies to do the repairs.

Bill B. San Diego, CA  Enough time has passed that I feel I should share my thoughts.  I believe Jim and his staff have warranted a 5 star rating. I’m not going to say we didn’t have any misunderstandings.  But anyone who knows the chaotic Vegas condo market … with an HOA … knows that it’s almost impossible not to have multiple issues come up that can lead to a lot of hair pulling. The best assessment I can give is that everything has been quiet for quite some time now … which isn’t easy … and is what I prefer.  As a long-distance landlord I don’t want to think about my property and when I get something from the HOA, I want to give it over to Limestone and have them handle it. Jim and his staff have been successful on both levels, and so they have earned my 5 star review.  I’ll also give kudos that when it came time to rent my property, he apparently knew the market and pricing because he filled it quickly.  And I’m sure we all know, you make a lot more money with a tenant, than without one.

Alex B. Redmond, WA: Limestone is managing three rental properties for me and I am quite pleased with their performance. Jim is always super quick to respond to any inquires. Maintenance is perform quickly and at a reasonable cost and if there is tenant turn over, they are super quick to do the rehab and place new tenants with as little downtime as possible. Would recommend them to friends.

Angie M. Rosemont – Mount Royal, Regina, Canada The best property manager nothing else to say 5 star all the way.

Marty S. Las Vegas, NV Jim has a keen eye for identifying sound investment properties.  He is very responsive, easy to work with, and will keep you informed of market changes throughout your years of ownership of your properties.  Also, Jim has a true compassion for tenants.  Highly recommended!

Anton S. Calgary, Canada Excellent Service: Asked for a statement for previous year on a Saturday afternoon. Received answer and statement from Jim in 14 minutes!!

Delcine T. San Francisco, CA:  We are very happy with Jim Eagen and Barb Toft. They are on top of any issues that have arisen and everything has been done in a timely manner. We are happy with this company.

Jessica E. Las Vegas, NV:  I am pleased with the level of professionalism which is displayed by Jim Eagen and Barb Toft (Maintenance Manager). Anytime I have any issues Barb makes sure she has the issue fixed asap even if it’s at midnight.
I feel that Jim really cares about making sure everything is functioning and up to good standards. When I moved in back on October 2017 the process was very simple and Jim made himself available through the process even though he was driving out of town. Jim has never sugar coated anything and is always up front, which is something I really appreciate. Even when I have some unforeseen circumstance and have to pay my rent late the process is very easy and the fees are given to you upfront never any hidden fees and they do not harass you, very kind and understanding!! KEEP UP THE GOOD BUSINESS!!

Monique F. North Las Vegas, NV:  This is an Amazing Team! I’ve been working with them for over 4 years and I must say…professional, organized and honest.
Jim is on point! You can’t do no better then Jim, “He does what he says he is going to do…” and more….just a great guy! I would do business with this group again…and again! My dog liked Jim too!

Lita K. Rockville, MD:  I met Jim Eagan around 2011, having just moved to Las Vegas with a recent bankruptcy, no down payment or ability to get a regular bank loan.  I was looking for a way to purchase a home and he was the only legitimate rent-to-own company, they met me the same day as my call, showed me about 3 properties and I fell in love with one of them in particular.  He set up my paperwork and even arranged financing for me to secure a loan on it.  All the listings for rent to own in the papers were scams, Jim was the only legitimate person I found. He also goes above and beyond to help with the transaction and securing a permanent financing.

Rob H. Northeast Portland, Portland, OR From day 1 to move out to a purchased home, Limestone was professional on every level. They worked with me on house maintenance issues, communication was excellent and they provide a user friendly website. I highly recommend them and will use them if I had a property rental.

Tony T. San Francisco, CA  Had a great experience with this company I did a walk through a condo and wrote out my maintenance report and within 24 hours I get a response from the manager and 48 hours after my maintenance report The maintenance come take care of my problems.

John S. Las Vegas, NV: Great property management company, I have been able to be more hands off than I have ever been in my years of holding rentals. Plus they are experienced in handling lease options, my other area of investing interest.

Nea T. North Las Vegas, NV:  I had the best experience with Limestone Investments. My calls were always answered and services were rendered in a timely fashion. We are absentee owners. Jim and team helped us purchase and manage a property for our trust. They locate, screen and manage tenant affairs, are on top of maintenance issues that pop up, and keep records of any transactions. Limestone Investments are experienced and savvy managers. We are very impressed with their operation.

Ben G. Bellevue, WA Jim worked with me to acquire four investment houses several years ago. He has an amazing attention to detail and his team at Limestone provides excellent assistance for property rehab, repairs, and management. I am an out of state investor and Jim and his team make the process as easy as possible, clear, and profitable. Highly recommended!

Darren H. Richmond, Canada:  I owned some properties in Las Vegas between 2012-2014 and Jim was the property manager I worked with. He did a great job and I trusted him 100%. He was always very thorough, and proactive, and he was always very responsive to my calls and emails. He was able to get my place rented quickly and was on top of things after it was rented. I’ll definitely work with Jim again if given the chance.

Chris G. San Francisco, CA: My experience has always been great with Limestone. I would never use anyone else for my Realestate needs in Las Vegas. Jim and Barb Eagan have helped me make good decisions in both buying and selling my properties and I highly recommend them both.

Ray C. Lewes, DE:  I have been working with Jim and Limestone Investments for about 7 years now. I have purchased houses from Jim and Barbara. They are both very professional. They have helped me buy and renovate 6 houses and an apartment building. They seem to work miracles. I highly recommend Limestone Investments.

Kinnikkia S. Houston, TX:  Quick and easy enrollment process via online from Minnesota to Las Vegas. Timely responses and follow through received as needed. Excellent service!!!

Phillip H. Las Vegas, NV: I met Jim back in 2012 and started doing business with him and his company shortly after. I’ve been self managing most of my properties with different degrees of success. The couple of major problems I’ve had I call Jim and he always said no problem I’ll take care that of it for you. Last month I decided to retire and move out of the area and turned over my properties to Jim. He has always helped me out of my mistakes and with his knowledge I have no worries about leaving town. I’ve also worked with other staff members Wendi and Ken and they have been awesome. You can feel confident that Jim and staff will take great care of your properties. Thanks Jim for a great job.

Raffi A. San Francisco, CA: I met Jim Eagan about 7 years ago, and I own two properties in Vegas. I have been very happy with him, he is very professional, he’s always there when I need him, and answers my e-mails quickly. Since I live on the East Coast Jim has been my eyes and my ears, I have full confidence in him, I am planning to buy more. I also recommended his services to my cousin, and my cousin bought two condos from Jim. He’s very methodical and reliable person if you are looking for a property in Vegas call Jim don’t even bother with others. His property, manager Barbara, also is very nice she helps me to find quick solutions, she contacts the right people without wasting time, she’s on top of things. I can’t say enough good things about Jim and his staff at Limestone.

Linae I. Seaside, CA We recently contracted with Jim as my property manager for a rental property we have out of state. I had received a referral from another property manager who actually learned from Jim. Very glad we made this decision. Jim is super responsive and keeps us informed about what is going on: this is one of the main reasons I went with his company. He was able to get a tena

Chris G. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA  Been working with Limestone for 7 years. My investments have been fantastic and Jim has been an ally that has been trustworthy and wise. I have followed his investment strategy multiple times with great success. I love his weekly newsletters. They Always keeps me updated on what is happening in the Vegas real estate market. Jim, thanks for being a mentor to me in my real estate endeavors.

Ben G. Bellevue, WA  Jim and crew are the best! I am an out of state investor and have purchased four houses using Jim which are currently leased through Limestone.  His pre-purchase analysis of properties, help with lease options, and service team are all excellent.  Highly recommended!

B M. Long Beach, CA  5 Star Service and professionalism. I would recommend Jim and Barbara too anyone  who needs a property managed, evaluated, or sold. Jim has always been willing and helpful, He is very knowledgeable about the property market in the greater Las Vegas area.

Ersin P. Central LA, Los Angeles, CA I am an out of state investor and was looking for a multi-family property as my first move into real estate.  I called Jim when I found his website (which is chock full of useful resources and advice for the newbie investor) and was curious about the Vegas tenant pool.  Along with dissuading me from a multi-family property for all the right reasons, Jim was also very helpful in changing my other many assumptions about real estate and advising me to spend money here and not there, the goal being profitability above all else.  Going through the purchase and rehab period in no time got the place ready for a tenant.  And in that sense, Jim and his team are definitely on the ball and do not waste time.  Whenever something needs to get taken care of, I know that as an out of state owner I can rest easy since It’ll be handled expeditiously. Cannot recommend enough, and currently working on a second deal with Limestone.

Blake S. Moapa Valley, NV I’ve used Barbara Eagan to sell 2 properties. She’s as professional as they come. She definitely went over and above. I strongly recommend  Limestone. Thanks

Robert H. Torrance, CA Jim and his company is the BEST property management company I have ever had, and I have had many.  No matter the question or problem, they have fast and efficient responses.  I rest easy knowing Jim and his people are watching my rentals and treating me as if I was really family.  Great work Jim, you truly have a great team to work with.  Thanks for keeping my blood pressure down…

Ray C. Costa Mesa, CA:  We met Jim Eagan five years ago and have since bought several rental properties from he and his wife, Barb.  We live in a different state and never could we have dreamed of having rental property in Vegas and have it run so seamlessly!  Jim and Barb are honest, professional and efficient, as is their entire staff.  They are such a joy to work with.  Thanks Jim, Barb and everyone at Limestone Investments.

Dale W. Las Vegas, NV:  Jim and all his staff at Limestone Investments are the best. They manage our properties with great care so we can have a worry free life. Payments and billing are accurate and quick and they handle all the “dirty work” of being a Landlord.

Gregory M. Roslyn, NY: After having numerous problems with our previous property manager, we began using Jim and his team a couple years ago.  They are honest, very responsive and our condos are well looked out for.  When tenants have moved out, they have found no renters very quickly.  We are very pleased with the service we receive and only wish we had made the change earlier.  Living out of town, it is important we have someone we can count on.

Ed G. Redmond, WA:  Great agents for either real estate purchase or property management.  They even have tenant placement only option and allow you to save monthly management fees.  Many houses for sale need a lot of work and Jim is great giving ballpark estimate even before you make offer.

Mark W. Albany, GA:  I have worked with Jim and his team for at least a decade and am happy with the work they do.  The main thing is that he is responsive to communications, so I can know what is going on.  His team helped me get rid of a squatter recently in an efficient manner.  I have worked with Jim Eagan and his team for about 8 years and he is very efficient in his management, and has taught me a lot about real estate in the process. Would recommend working with him!

Gina R. Fremont, CA I am a small out of state investor with BIG dreams. My Mistake: I signed up a negotiated deal with a Large size Property management company. They came back to me in 2 weeks and  wanted to increase my fees stating that their agent did not get clearance with the Broker before signing my Contract. After a long struggle, I spoke with the Broker, he was very unprofessional, called me names, refused to honor the deal and cancelled my contract. Positive Outcome: I was in a panic mode and called almost all the Property Management firms in Vegas. I did not want to make a mistake again, I contacted Jim he patiently explained to me the details of managing a Multi Unit Residential Property. He said that I should be paying the common expenses by myself as it will save me service fees and he explained and itemized the services  which his firm can manage for me. Not only I got a better deal than my original contract but a BEST service possible. Happy Investor: Jim is very passionate on what he does and explains the process and encourages me to make the decisions. His team is equally efficient as him. It has been 10 months since my investment decision materialized and I am worry free since I signed up with Limestone Investments.

Patty W. Las Vegas, NV: Limestone manages two property’s for us and does an excellent job. Jim and his team really know what they are doing and take the stress out of owning rental property. We would highly recommend Limestone to anyone looking for a complete property management solution.

Lynda B. Las Vegas, NV: Jim and his team are professional, efficient in every aspect, fair for all parties, an absolute pleasure to work with.   I would never own lease/rent property if Limestone investments were not able to manage it. We feel safe and secure in their hands.  You can not find better in Las Vegas!!!

Margarita V. Santa Monica, CA:  The company has been very good with the management of the property.

Raffi A. Las Vegas, NV: I have known Jim Eagan for 5 years, he is professional and efficient, answers his e-mails promptly. I am satisfied with his team, they manage my rental properties, since I live on the East Coast Limestone has been my eyes and ears. As soon as the rehab was complete on my second property the new tenants were ready to move in, Jim doesn’t waste time.
Also Barbara Toft’s personal attention and thorough follow up during the rehab was very professional, and her videos helped me to see the progression of the improvements. I would certainly recommend Jim and his team for rental investments in Las Vegas.

Johnny R. San Francisco, CA Jim, Barb, Barb, and the rest of the team are fantastic to work with. Jim is the most responsive person I have ever dealt with in any line of business, and I value that highly. I have also gone through several rehabs through him with my rentals and all have gone well. He gets tenants faster than any other group I have dealt with.He is all business and no nonsense, and I recommend him without hesitation!

Gohar M. Las Vegas, NV I highly recommend  Limestone investments LLC for all your real estate needs. Jim’s professionalism, friendliness and responsiveness made him awesome to work with.

Ronin I. Alexandria, VA:  Bought my first investment property ever from Jim in 2011.  My only regret is not getting 2.  It’s been a super property and Limestone always stays on top of things.  Better than the several agents I’ve had in other areas subsequently.

Jo J. Las Vegas, NV:  Jim is the best. They allowed me to do improvements and they operate smoothly. I wish I could stay with them but the owner did not cooperate and got a new management that I do not like at all. They just can’t compare.

J P. Las Vegas, NV:  I found a condo for rent through this company and the rental process was very smooth. I was able to do everything online and pick up keys right away. They were very easy to work with.

Sark O. Los Angeles, CA:  If you are in need of an Nevada property management/sales needs – this is the company to go to!  I have gone through half a dozen management companies over the last 10 years, and Limestone is by far the most superior one!  Thanks guys