Home Buying Tips

check purple 100Visit at various times of day. Check noise levels during rush hour. Notice schools for loud playtime or kids cutting across your complex at the end of the day.

check purple 100Research recent local news from the city or county to see if there are any proposed large projects.

check purple 100Talk to neighbors. Do they rent or own? What do neighbors say are the pros and cons of the area? Is there an HOA? What do they think of the HOA?

check purple 100Get a home inspection to find major issues and prepare for costs you’ll incur to make repairs.

check purple 100Get detailed records on past improvements. This isn’t always possible. fExample-if house’s exterior was painted two years ago — the receipt notes the cost $1,000 — then you can deduce cheaper materials were used and that you may be looking at repainting soon.

check purple 100Consider the view. Do the adjacent houses look like they might be candidates for a teardown? Is the next lot empty? Does the neighborhood or town have restrictions about what your prospective neighbors can build there?

check purple 100Check with city hall. Look into neighborhood’s zoning, as well as any potential easements, liens or other restrictions relating to your property.

check purple 100Reconsider the bells and whistles. Are you sure about a one-car garage, or a detached garage, or on-street parking? The pool may be a nice bonus, but can you afford the upkeep?