Home Warranties – Owner Procedures

Starting 5/1/2019 we are implementing new procedures in an effort to retain tenants who get hit with a major repair that has a home warranty in place. Every year we lose a tenant because these home warranties. They are notorious for being slow and require frequent call backs. Now tenants will contact warranty companies directly so we have fewer people involved and tenants can vent their frustration at the company and not at you or us.

All owners with warranties will need to do these things:

  1. Fill out a very simple form about the warranty company here.
  2. Contact the warranty company and provide permission for their tenant to contact the warranty company directly. Your property manager will provide that to you.
  3. To mitigate delays in the repair, you will provide the home warranty company a credit card to have on file for the trade fee. Typical trade fees are $75 but yours may be different. Tenants will pay the deductible indicated in their lease. In most cases, that tenant deductible is $40.

We know this is a hassle for you but we believe that being proactive in this effort, we can keep all our tenants this year.

Procedures for tenants are shown here. These procedures will be added to our leases. All our tenants with warranties will be sent an addendum that explains their responsibilities and consequences of randomly calling in repairs.