Investor Fees

**These fees do not apply to those investors who purchase investment packages.


Free – We will be looking at about 10 properties free of charge. This half day event is just confirming what you are looking for.


$2000 – Unless you provide us proof of funds in advance. Proof of funds must be less than 30 days old and must be in US dollars. This involves looking at about 20 properties and takes all day. You are not required to purchase anything, there are no contracts up front, and you can stop at any time. We don’t really want your $2000 so just bring proof of funds.


$300 – If you make an offer on a HUD property AND it is accepted. There is a $300 surcharge for these as they are a major pain in the neck. If you don’t make offers on a HUD property, you don’t have to worry about this fee.


$500 – If you make an offer on a Short Sale property AND it is accepted, there is a $500 non-refundable deposit toward the purchase of the property. This means, that if you change your mind 5 months from now and don’t want the property, we keep the $500 as compensation for all the time spent working on the deal. If you proceed forward, the $500 is applied to the purchase. We are simply tired of investors wasting our time with these.


If the seller pays less than $2000 in commissions, you will be making up the difference. For example if the $50k property commission is only $1500, you will be paying the difference of $500. This usually happens with properties under $68k.


If you purchase a property through Limestone Investments, we charge a $350 transaction fee. This is not typical and unique to our brokerage.


This is not a part of our fees but is a frequently asked question. Title fees are about 2% of the cost of the property. We don’t have any control over these fees.


Depend on how you want your tenant placed. This page goes into complete detail about property management options. You are not required to use our property management services.


None – We don’t like these either. If you don’t purchase a property through us or don’t hire us to manage / rehab your property, there are no fees.