Jim Eagan

Limestone Investments, LLC. We manage about 550 doors.
“A Fist Full of Properties”
Provide consulting services to other property management companies.
Houses, 4 Plexes and commercial property.
L/O Guerilla
Built “Ifindproperties.com” to take the mystery out of lease/options.
I help other entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. Most of those I help are self-employed and I don’t charge a cent. Beer gladly accepted. I have time to help others. If you want help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Personal Background

I have been married to Barb Eagan since 1989. She is also a real estate agent who specializes in helping “primary buyers.” We have 2 cats and have been living on Sunrise Mountain (East Side) since 2004. My hobbies include gardening, reading, and triathlons. We travel about a month out of the year to different parts of the world but our favorite destination is Mexico.

My parents were hippies (mom an artist / dad a musician) and have lived in 8 different states / 40 different cities. I left home at the age of 17. Barb also left home when she was 16 and we met in Tucson while going through the University of Arizona. We both started with nothing and we are not afraid of rolling up our sleeves to get something done.


A Fist Full of Properties

Proven techniques for managing properties.

Packed with humor to help other property managers and brokers live a comfortable and balanced life in a land of chaos.Concepts, strategies and practical solutions are clearly explained to those who want to manage their own properties or own a property management business. Tips and techniques are useful for anyone who wants to learn how to build a large portfolio of rental properties.

Photo of a section of my yard. I’m really into gardening & desert landscaping. I do an olympic triathlon once a year.
2000 – 2004
Business Owner
CustomCraft Windows & Doors (San Jose, CA/ General Contractor (license #806948)
– Operated a business with $2M in sales and about 30 employees.
– Created systems to reduce overhead and created new marketing systems.
– Managed a sales team supervising large apartment building contracts.
1991 – 2004
Business Partner
Eagan Photography & Video (San Jose, CA)
– Built the business systems to become the largest event studio in the Bay Area.
– Managed over 20 employees and more than 300 events each year.
1989 – 1991
Systems Analyst
General Electric (Aerospace, San Jose, CA)
– Managed software developers and presented classified results to customers.
1986 – 1989
US Air Force (Space Systems Division / Los Angeles, CA)
– Monitored defense research contracts for the Space Defense Initiative.
Built optimization programs to guide research efforts.
– Won an Achievement Award for revitalizing a base newspaper.
Bachelor of Science
Aerospace Engineering (Tucson, AZ)