Limestone Culture and Practices

by | Jan 27, 2023

Invest Your Next Career Move in a Team Culture with Valuable Training and Mentoring!

A career move is an investment, potentially in years of your life. Your choice will create a permanent mark on your future. Make it positive!

Culture is one of the most important influences toward your future success. Limestone Investments has created a team culture based on mutual respect, support and responsibility. You will receive expert mentoring, training and guidance. It all works with your active involvement and integrity.


Limestone Investment Requirements

Calendar System | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you currently do not have a property management permit but are in the process of obtaining one, you can earn serious money leasing. We have had leasing agents make $1000 a week. It can be done. Here is what you must have:

  • Reliable Transportation – Let’s face it. You will be driving a lot initially. If your car guzzle’s gas or is on it’s last leg, you won’t survive.
  • Laptop – You don’t make money sitting on your butt at our office or in your home. You make money meeting prospective owners and tenants. Your satchel or briefcase is your office. We recommend a Mac but PCs will work. iPads & tablets don’t count.
  • Calendar System – Learning how to use one is critical in this profession. If you don’t have a current habit of looking at your schedule every hour or so, you probably won’t make it as a property manager. We simply don’t have time to teach agents how to show up on time.

We can teach you the rest if you don’t know how to do leasing and screening already.

Weekly Staff Meetings

Weekly Staff Meetings<br />
 | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, Nevada

You must attend Monday morning staff meetings that start at 10am sharp and last one hour. We review procedure changes and property status. This meeting is designed to make you more money and make you successful. Here are three 8-minute sample meeting videos to give you feel for our culture and purpose:

Limestone Staff Meeting 1 | Sample of Limestone Culture

Limestone Staff Meeting 2 | Sample of Limestone Culture

Jim Eagan | Limestone Investments | Las Vegas, Nevada

Does the Limestone Culture Resonate with You? Let’s See If We’re a Good Fit!

Meet with me for lunch!
You pick location, I will buy. We will probably know within about a half hour if we are good fit.
Note: Perspective property managers must have a current license and property management permit.