arrow red 100Maintenance: (702) 690-9201 / [email protected]  -> Your request can also be submitted through your portal.

No one answers that phone number! Don’t panic! Your voice is translated to text and broadcast to our maintenance team. If you don’t leave a message, no one will call you back! You will get faster and more accurate service when you leave a voicemail that is slow and includes your address. If you are calling from a different phone number than the one we have in the system, it’s a good idea to tell us you have a new phone and that we should update you.

green info 32DEDUCTIBLE
First 30 Days – We allow a grace period for repairs on functionality unless it is specified in your contract. You have 30 days to make sure everything is functioning. After the first 30 days, you will be required to pay the deductible shown in your contract.

green info 32HOME WARRANTY
Your property may come with a home warranty. If it does, you will be given a home warranty sheet before you move in. It will have instructions on how to use it and how much your deductible is. The deductible is spelled out in your lease.

green info 32APPLIANCES
Your contract spells out which appliances are included and nearly all of our leases state you are responsible for them. We will not replace an appliance if it is functioning. If you want to purchase your own, J&J Appliances (702) 823-3081 offers terrific used appliances.

green info 32LANDSCAPING
If you have an HOA, you will be required to meet the requirements set up by the HOA. Generally, as long as you keep your stuff neater than your neighbor, you are good. If a complaint is filed against the property, you will be required to reimburse us. Failure to reimburse us is a violation of your contract and reason for an eviction. If you don’t have an HOA, just please be courteous to your neighbor and don’t rebuild transmissions in your driveway…