The Nevada Legislature is proposing to make it even more difficult to get rid of naughty tenants.  If these pass, it could take 4 months to a year to get rid of tenants and legal expenses would sky rocket. These proposals are on top of the one year free ride Governor Sisolak has already provided.

Assembly Bill 161 –  This would eliminate an already difficult eviction process and require something similar to a foreclosure. Property managers would not be able to represent landlords. Expensive attorneys would be required and cases would not be heard for months.

Assembly Bill 141 – This bill would increase the length of the no-cause notice. As you may know, we use this “no cause notice” to get rid of tenants who are naughty. Tenants who have been longer than 1 year but shorter than 3 years, would need a 60 Day Notice. Tenants who have been longer than 3 years would need a 90 Day Notice.

What can you do?

Contact your representative today and tell them how ridiculous these bills are!

Click on this link to find your representative.


  • Write what you want to say on a note / email so you can copy / paste your complaint.
  • There are multiple representatives for each property and be sure to address both 161 and 141.
  • Be sure to hit up each representative for each property.

DO THIS TODAY! Owners need to be able to pay their mortgage!  

Forward this to a friend who has a tenant so they can take action too.