New Vendors


We are proud of our services to our clients and we pay our vendors promptly. You will receive money within 3 day of receipt of invoice and evidence of work completed. Sometimes even faster.


  1. You must accept payments via ACH (our bank to your bank). We do not do cash, checks, Paypal, Zell, GooglePay, Apple Pay, this pay or that pay…
  2. You must provide a W-9. We will be issuing a 1099 at the end of the year.
  3. You must text a picture of the estimate prior to work start and an invoice when work is completed. In most cases it’s the same piece of paper used for the estimate is the same as the invoice.

Start here:

  1. Complete this form so we can get you into our system.
  2. Fill out this W-9 OR email the one you have to us at [email protected]
  3. Send us your bank account information (text to 702-287-1092).

Maintenance Process

Follow these steps when you are dispatched and you can become a preferred vendor:

  • Dispatch – One of our team members will contact you with a brief description of the work required along with the address and tenant contact. If the property is vacant, you will be given a lockbox code.
    • Tenants: Contact the tenant and arrange a time convenient for both of you. If the appointment is for the following day, you should confirm a couple of times.  If the tenant doesn’t answer the door, contact the dispatcher immediately. Tenants will be charged a “no show” fee but we have to have plenty of evidence you were there and they were not. Do not just leave the property!!
    • Lockboxes: NEVER TAKE THE KEY FROM THE PROPERTY! Leave the key in the door while you do the work or put the key back in the lockbox. Don’t put it in your pocket!! We have other people who may need access while you are at lunch or Home Depot.
  • Estimate – Pictures of the problem are essential. For example, if a pipe is leaking, take a picture of the pipe. Once you have pictures, create an estimate. The estimate doesn’t have to be fancy. Most of our vendors use templates found in any stationionary store. A blank piece of paper will work but it must have the following information on the estimate:
    • Your Name
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Date
    • Line Items of work to be performed
    • Total
  • Get Approval – Call or text the total amount to the dispatcher. If you are approved, you will need to text a picture of your estimate. You cannot start work without approval!! If you do work without approval, there is a good chance you will not get paid. Don’t test us.
  • Money Advance – If you need money for materials to start the job, no worries, we can send you money but it won’t get to you until the next day. We are not going to drive to you to give you cash.
  • Work Problems –  If there was a problem during the work or you find something else wrong, don’t panic. Contact the dispatcher and explain what went wrong. If you need extra money, you will probably be approved. If you have a habit of charging more than your estimate, we will stop using you.
  • Work Completion Take pictures or get video of the work completed. We need to prove to the owners you completed the work. Some of our vendors take video and upload to Youtube. This is even better because you can describe what you did AND it’s easier to share a link than it is to play with all the photos. We will give you a free tutorial if you want to learn how to do this. Vendors who upload videos are more likely to get preferred status.
  • Money Balance – Once we are satisfied work is completed, we will send you the balance AFTER you text the dispatcher your final invoice. In most cases, vendors just use the same estimate as the invoice. Money will be in your account the following day.

How To Become A Preferred Vendor

Preferred vendors do most of these things:

  • Makes Dispatching Easy – We have software that generates a work order. This includes the property, tenant and work required directly to your email. If you check your email frequently (like once an hour), you will get all the information you need. The dispatcher can avoid sending all that information to you via phone.
  • Confirms An Appointment Was Set – We don’t need anything fancy. Something like a text or email:  “Mary has been scheduled for Tuesday 2pm”. Otherwise, we have to contact you again to know if you got the dispatch.
  • Estimates = Invoices – This means, we don’t get any surprises. Your invoice matched the estimate. We didn’t have to go back to the owner with the embarrassing task of asking for more money.
  • Estimates and Invoices Are Complete – We can read what’s on the estimate. The list of work is very clear to understand. It doesn’t have to be typed it just needs to be complete and clear. The more detail the better. Owners are always quizzing us on what you did. It’s easier for us to just show your estimate / invoice.
  • Prices Are Reasonable – You don’t have to be the cheapest vendor to be preferred. Charge a reasonable price and you will get more work. If you charge a ridiculous price, you are done. We don’t have time for Tijuana dances so just give us the best price upfront.
  • Shows Up On Time – Even better would be to show up a few minutes early. No one cares why you were late. If it’s a thirty minute drive, leave 40 minutes before the appointment. Nothing gets a dispatcher more frustrated than when a tenant starts asking us where you are. We don’t have time to be your mom.
  • Demonstrates Work Is Completed – When work is completed, they send us a photo or video of the work completed immediately afterwards. If you don’t tell us the work is completed, you leave us hanging and we have to Chase you down for status. If you have to run to another appointment, no problem, just text the dispatcher “Work completed at ____ and will get you final invoice tonight.”   You can even upload the Youtube video while you are on your way to the next job. Easy.
  • Is Polite – Introduce yourself to a tenant and be pleasant. You don’t have to kiss _ss but you do need to show some respect. If a tenant is disrespectful or if you are getting frustrated with the tenant, walk away. Cool off. Contact the dispatcher. We do not tolerate disrespect from tenants. Let us handle the situation.

Thank you for working with us!!