Property Management Rates

green info 32Single Family: 8%

This includes tenant placement.

green info 32Set Up Fee for Single Family / Condos / Townhomes – $100

There are no reserves and you can leave at any time. This is to get you up and running with photos, video, contracts, signs, keys, etc. We have vacant property options that can cost you extra and often recommended.

green info 32Multi Family Set up: $100 per door ($200 per door if it’s abandoned & full of squatters)

Many competitors hand over multi family properties that have been driven into the ground. If your building is out of control and full of squatters, we charge this up front as these take a lot of skill and determination to turn around.

green info 32Multi Family Monthly Management: $65 / occupied door

We don’t charge for empty units. For example, if you have a four-plex with 2 tenants, we charge $130 / month. We are just as motivated to find tenants as you are. 

green info 32Commercial Rates: $100 set up / $100 month for NNN leases.

Generally, we charge a flat $100 per month on a NNN lease with a $100 set up. We will charge up to 8% on commercial leases that are not NNN with new tenants.

green info 32Tenant Inspections: $40

We recommend keeping these to a minimum. Tenants have to get a 24 hour notice and they are not too happy about these. Use this with care. If we suspect something isn’t right at your property, we have ways of sneaking up on them for free.

green info 32Maintenance: $30 each event

Service calls are $30 over invoice. This means that if we replace a water heater that costs $600, we will be charging you $630. We take the mystery out of maintenance by showing you what we paid. Our vendors are fair, reasonably priced, and we don’t accept kick backs.

green info 32Tenant Placement: Varies

Generally, we recommend $300-$500 bounties for single family and $100 bounties for multi family. You don’t have to use our recommendation but that bounty goes to the agent who finds your tenant. Limestone Investments doesn’t make money on a bounty. We do not do Section 8. NEVER EVER.

green info 32Evictions – $100-$500

This includes the 5 Day Notice, Summary Eviction Drama and going to court if necessary. Most of our evictions are “elegant departures.” Contact our investor references if you like. If you need us for a specific eviction task, here are the prices:

– 5 Day Notice: $35 – Door posting and certificate of mailing.
– Summary Eviction: $150 – Includes court filing and meeting the constable.
– Court Appearance: $200 – Includes dressing up and waiting for hours on end.
– Lock Change: $100 – We change out the locks, provide a video of the property and an estimate for repairs.

green info 32Renovations: 5% – 10%

We have a clue on what things cost and who to hire. If you want us to manage a renovation, we charge between 5% and 10% over invoice. If multiple trades are involved, it will be 10%.

green info 32Utilities or monthly recurring charges – $10

If you want us to manage your utilities, pool service etc, we charge $10 over invoice. We are totally ok if you manage this stuff yourself.

green info 32Lease Renewals – $25

We don’t recommend renewing leases as you will wake up sleeping dogs. However, if you want us to renew a lease, we charge $25 to chase down the tenant to sign a new one.

green info 32Yearly maintenance fee – $0

We are not sure why competitors charge this.