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Property Managers

We offer proven methods for sustainable active and passive income.

Yep. I actually wrote a book (A Fistful of Properties) on the subject of having a balanced life and how to make a successful career out of property management. You don’t have to be a chain smoking alcoholic to be successful in this business. Providing sound advice to your owners, using successful leasing techniques for placing excellent tenants are just some of the things you will learn when you join Limestone Investments. The real money is buying and selling. Property management creates opportunities for you to get in front of buyers and sellers.

Active Income

You earn 50% of the income from the properties you manage. We provide the software and simple processes for managing your properties. Unlike other companies, we offer the most solutions for your owners.

  • Full Service – You get $100 to set up your property and 4% per month to manage it. This is the most common and well known for property management.   More…
  • Rent To Own (Aka Lease/Option) – You get 50% of the option fee.  We have over 4,300 tenants on our weekly subscription waiting for a property.  More…
  • Tenant Placement – You get a flat $600 to find a qualified tenant and write up a lease. $300 is the “bounty” to any agent who finds your tenant. This is most popular with our locals who are handy and don’t mind rolling up their sleeves.
  • Airbnb – You get $500 to start up and 4% of the gross income AFTER Airbnb’s fees.   This includes marketing, scheduling, walkthroughs and managing repairs or cleaning.  More…

You can earn these fees from each property if you want. All of these events are optional. You can pick and choose which things you want to do.

  • 5% on Rehabs
  • $100 Walkthroughs
  • $100 Lease Fees
  • $100 Summary Eviction Filings
  • $200 court appearances
  • $20 maintenance dispatching
  • $30 Notice Postings

Passive Income

Our managers who earn more passive income let that small stuff go.  Our property managers who let our staff take care of those small tasks can focus on getting more clients. Once you have placed a rockstar tenant and successfully trained an owner, all that property does is print money for you. You can let our team take care of those notices and maintenance issues. For example:

 Photo of propertyThis home rents for $2100. Your 4% or $84 /month comes in like clockwork.

Our most successful manager takes care of 90 doors which earns about $4k per month in passive income and does about 2 traditional sales per month. She also makes a lot of money leasing and does her own notices / court appearances.

Limestone Investment Requirements

You must have a current license and property management permit. If you currently do not have a property management permit but are in the process of obtaining one, you can earn serious money leasing. We have had leasing agents make $1000 a week. It can be done. Here is what you must have:

  • Reliable Transportation – Let’s face it. You will be driving a lot initially. If your car guzzle’s gas or is on it’s last leg, you won’t survive.
  • Laptop – You don’t make money sitting on your butt at our office or in your home. You make money meeting prospective owners and tenants. Your satchel or briefcase is your office. We recommend a Mac but PCs will work. iPads & tablets don’t count.
  • Calendar System – Learning how to use one is critical in this profession. If you don’t have a current habit of looking at your schedule every hour or so, you probably won’t make it as a property manager. We simply don’t have time to teach agents how to show up on time.

We can teach you the rest if you don’t know how to do leasing and screening already.

You must attend Monday morning staff meetings that start at 10am sharp and last one hour. We review procedure changes and property status. This meeting is designed to make you more money and make you successful. Here are 3 sample meetings:

Those 8 minute sample videos will give you feel for our culture and purpose.

Want to know more?

You will meet with me for lunch. You pick location, I will buy. We will probably know within about a half hour if we are good fit.  
  • Jim Eagan
  • Broker / Coach / Author
  • (702) 287-1092