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Updated 3/11/2023

Las Vegas peaked in pricing around August 2022.

Las Vegas Real Estate News Redfin data, reported a median sale price for a Las Vegas home was $375,000 in December 2022, down considerably from the all-time-high of $432,000 in June 2022. A typical home sold for 3 percent below list price. And more than 23 percent of homes had a price drop, a 9.4 percent increase over December of 2021. Homes spent a median of 69 days on the market before selling in December — a huge 40 percent increase over 2021.

A lot of agents are misled by the shortage of inventory. They believe the shortage of inventory is an indication that it is still a sellers market. What they don’t realize is investors have started putting properties back into the rental pool because they didn’t get the price they wanted. This happened to a couple of our clients.  For the first time in my memory, the rental market is being flooded.

Rents will be declining steadily through 2023.  Most of our investors have not caught up with the latest increases because we didn’t want good tenants to flee. Leases that expire this year will only get modest increases if at all. 

When will the Real Estate Investment market hit bottom?

We are guessing the market will hit bottom around the middle of 2023. The government is scrambling to throw money at distressed owners but we all know printing money isn’t sustainable. It is difficult to know exactly when the government will run out of steam.

As we approach the bottom, I’ll be increasing the frequency of these broadcasts.

Real Estate Investors who followed our advice in the last recession snapped up properties and made significant profits on their Real Estate Investments.
We will do it again.

Don’t worry, we will let you know when it’s time to buy.

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Real Estate Investment FAQs

Are Multi-Family Properties Good Real Estate Investments?

What about those multi family properties for your Real Estate investment? They look enticing. The listing agents are using smoke and mirrors. We used to manage about 30 of these multi family buildings. Our investors got out of them while the market is hot. They were barely returning 6% even after we got them at killer prices in 2010. What listing agents won’t share with you is they are very old buildings requiring constant maintenance. They are also full of crackheads, drunks and people who have issues. 95% of our lawsuits and evictions used to come from these buildings. We don’t manage them anymore because of that. Here is more on why mulit-family buildings are terrible Real Estate investments.

Are Airbnb Short Term Rentals Good Real Estate Investments?

What about those Airbnb? Are they good Real Estate Investments? Short term rentals make a lot of money! That is true but you can’t get a license except for that needle in the haystack in Henderson. The majority of the short term rentals you see on the market are not licensed. The chances of your short term rental getting caught is about 90% within 6 months.  When you get caught, you are done. If you don’t stop after getting a love letter from the government, the fines are $1000 a day. They also don’t make as much money as you think. After all the expenses, platform fees, management fees, and repairs, they only make about 20% more than a long term rental, and are therefore poor Real Estate investments. Here is more about short term rentals as Real Estate Investments.

Are Commercial Properties Good Real Estate Investments?

What about commercial property? Is this a good Real Estate investment? Commercial mom and pop strip malls on the “East Side” are about the only remaining asset class worth buying. They return about 5% and your 12 year old can manage it because those leases are all NNN (tenants pay everything). The other nice thing about them is leases are generally between 3-5 years. Buy one and you don’t have to play with it very often.

The only downside to these East side properties as Real Estate investments is you have to have a lot of cash. The cheapest mom & pop strip mall in Las Vegas starts at about $800k. Commercial loans are no picnic and you will need to budget about 50% down. Unless you are sitting on about $500k in cash, you can’t play this game, and commercial properties may make poor Real Estate investments.

What Are Investment Returns Currently?

What are the investment returns right now? It isn’t pretty. Here is what to expect:

  • Commercial Mom & Pop Strip Malls -> 5%
  • 3/2/2s in the barrio -> 3%
  • 3/2/2s newly built -> 2%
  • 3/2/2s in upscale neighborhoods -> 2%
  • Condos in upscale neighborhoods -> 1%
  • Condos Under $100k -> -4% What? Really? You lose money on these? Rents don’t cover HOA, repairs and management expenses.
  • 5/4/3s in guard gated exclusive neighborhoods -> -5%
  • Fourplexes -> -8% We no longer manager these.
  • High rise condos -> -10% (Why do people buy these? To impress their friends I guess.)

Our Real Estate investment clients were getting about 14% returns and doubled their investments when we told them to purchase in the last recession. The returns on Real Estate Investments are so terrible right now we have been telling investors burning a hole in their pocket to keep it in their pocket.

So, How is Jim Eagan Investing HIS Money?

Alright smarty pants. What you doing with YOUR money? I’m walking the talk. I’m sitting on a lot of cash waiting for the Real Estate investment market correction. Some of that cash is in gold and there are some smaller investments in hard money lending. I don’t understand bitcoin so I’m not swimming in that water.

7 Steps to Real Estate Investment in Las Vegas (starting about 3/1/24)

Step 1 – Determine how your assets will be held. Partnerships make shaky Real Estate investments.

Decide how title will be held. LLCs are recommended if you want to keep the wolves at bay. DO NOT HOLD TITLE WITH PARTNERS unless the partner is your spouse. These things blow up right about when you are too sick to deal with it or your partner runs out of money. We can send you pictures of burned out buildings if you want to see the end results of partnerships. We see tweakers light these on fire just about every week and will be happy to tell you stories of how those partners got started 20 years ago. Partnerships make shaky Real Estate investments.

Step 2 – Determine who you will work with in setting up your Real Estate Investment.

Do your Real Estate investment research on an agent or broker before you throw your life savings at this. If you really want to know what Real Estate investment returns the best money, talk to companies who also manage them. Trusting information from a listing agent is the fastest way to get your clock cleaned. Here are our YELP reviews.

Step 3 – Line up your financing before visiting potential Real Estate investment properties.

Line up Financing Before Looking for Properties | Real Estate Investment 7 Steps | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, NevadaThe days of easy Real Estate investment discoveries came to an end in the real estate crash in 2008. If you are paying cash, you will need to prove it before you can make offers. If you are getting a loan, talk to a loan professional today. If you need a referral, we have some awesome people who can help you with either residential or commercial loans. We are not going to drive around in the heat until you can show us you have the ability to purchase. Do you go to Walmart without your wallet? Neither do we.

Step 4 – Arrange to go hunting for Real Estate investment properties.

Arrange to Go Hunting for Real Estate Properties | Real Estate Investment 7 Steps | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, NevadaOnce you have some financing lined up AND you have scheduled some time to look at some Real Estate investment properties, we will do a free, no hassle, no pressure hunting mission with you. We are not time share people and there is no reason for us to force you to buy something that will make you lose money. We will probably be managing your Real Estate investment property so we are going to get really cozy for very long time.

Step 5 – What you should be doing while your Real Estate investment property is in escrow.

Don't Wait Until Your Property Closes Before Finding a Tenant | Real Estate Investment 7 Steps | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, NevadaPlease read this important information about The Las Vegas escrow process. This will save you lots of time and headache.  You also want to get the Real Estate investment property management ball rolling. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTY CLOSES TO FIND A TENANT!! We offer a variety of property management services and this page covers all our property management solutions.

Step 6 – Get your Real Estate investment property ready for tenants.

Don't Waste Money Making Fancy Upgrades to Your Rental Property | Real Estate Investment 7 Steps | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, NevadaDo not waste time or money waiting around or making fancy upgrades to your Real Estate investment property. Read our Rehab 101 page for dos and don’ts. You can do your rehab or you can hire us. We charge 10% over invoice. We do about 2 rehabs a week and can probably do it much cheaper and faster than you can.

Step 7 – Collect money! Grow your Real Estate investment.

Collect Money. Grow Your Real Estate Investment | Real Estate Investment 7 Steps | Limestone Investments, Las Vegas, NevadaThis page contains Tips on how to collect money efficiently in order to grow your Real Estate investment, as well as FAQs on how we collect and disburse money. This page covers our eviction process in detail.

Save Headaches!!

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