Real Estate Investor and Property Owner Testimonials

IFindProperties, Jim Eagan and his entire staff have been incredible in helping me turn and manage my apartment building in North Las Vegas. What was once a hopeless disaster with no decent tenant, is now 100% occupied and care for as a result of the hard work and persistence from their team. Any time I have had a question or concern, they have responded promptly, effectively and with complete honesty. I am thankful for all they have done and would recommend them as the premier property management company in Clark County.

Sark Ohanian

sarkrates at yahoo.com

I have worked with Jim since 2010 and bought 10 rental houses using his system/methods. In addition I use his rent-to-own service which finds me tenants at 25% above market rents. As a result of me using Jim’s system, many properties in my portfolio return 25% per year and higher (on my cash invested).

My thoughts on Jim:
– He has the best follow through of any professional I have ever worked with.
– He has the highest ethical and moral standards.
– He knows more about Las Vegas investment properties that anyone else out there.
– He is very generous and shares a lot of information with his investors.
– His services make remote property ownership easy.

I have had very few problems with my 10 properties because Jim’s methods remove a lot of the issues that are often encountered by new or remote property investors. The average time Jim takes to find me a rent-to-own tenant is 3-6 weeks.

I highly recommend using Jim for all your Las Vegas property needs. Please call me anytime if you have further questions about Jim or investing in Las Vegas. If you are ever in Los Angeles or Las Vegas I would be happy to meet you for lunch if I am in town. I live in Los Angeles but I visit Vegas quite often for business/pleasure.

Bob Evans

(800) 801-1375 – ebob123 at aol.com

We want you to know how extremely impressed we are with your services, attention to detail and truly appreciate all your help! The best part is that I don’t have to worry about my properties even though we live 3 time zones away.

Darryl Lambert

(808) 781-8495 – lambertdg at msn.com

My wife Junko and I first met Jim in August 2009. We are first-time real-estate investors and we did not know how lucky we were to encounter Jim. The qualities that we both appreciate in Jim are:

– He always does what he says he is going to do, from the small things up to finding us a tenant for the property we purchased and having them ready to go BEFORE we even closed on the property.
– He was very responsive to any questions that we had – and we had a lot of them.
– He does not waste your time – or his own. He does things quickly and accurately and expects the same.
– He’s completely trustworthy.

So, thanks Jim. You did a great job for us and we appreciate you a lot.

Ed & Junko Tsuschida

(415) 380-8643 – edward.archibald at continuent.com

I have never personally met Jim but I never have to worry about my 3 properties. He takes care of problems promptly and is very professional.

Mark Wolgin

(310) 704-6275 – wolgin at hotmail.com

Jim was the only agent willing to help me get a $25k single family home. All the agents I contacted wouldn’t help. He was patient and guided me through the whole process of getting a property, getting it fixed up and finding a tenant. I still have my first tenant that Jim placed back in 2008.


(702) 497-1935 – chami6161 at hotmail.com

Jim manages 8 of my properties and now that I don’t live in Las Vegas, I don’t know what I would do without him!

Pat Hickey

(702) 376-5043 – hickeynum1 at gmail.com