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Presidential Election Results

I have had a lot of investors quiz me about how the election results will impact real estate over the next few years. Neither candidate would have had a noticeable effect on real estate. Until we stop propigating or women decide to live in tents, the price of real estate will continue to increase in price over the long term. The economy was already improving. Interest rates are going to steadily increase. Inflation will follow. Rent hikes always follow inflation. If you are currently holding real estate with a low fixed interest mortgage, kick back and smile because your profits will steadily increase.

Most of my customers already know that they have the abillity to improve their standard of living by applying these principles.
  • Spend less than they make.
  • Constantly improve their game.
  • Have a plan.
  • Are kind to others.

In the meantime, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  • Las Vegas  home listings last month reached their lowest level since December 2015, while the median sale price continued a modest four-month slide, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR.) ...

    Las Vegas home prices continue modest dip

    Las Vegas home listings last month reached their lowest level since December 2015, while the median sale price continued a modest four-month slide. This happens every single year since I’ve lived here. Everyone has Santa Clause and booze on the brain during the holidays. The election also put a bunch of deer in the headlights.

Large mixed-use project planned for downtown Henderson

A proposed large-scale mixed-use project in the downtown area of Henderson could open a new chapter for businesses and residents along Water Street. The Revenant, a planned four-story, 177,000-square-foot mixed project at Water Street and Victory Road in downtown Henderson, is heading for final approval on Nov. 14 from the Henderson City Council. Similar to the Fremont experience, improvements will propagate from there.

Airbnb – The 4th Solution

Due to popular demand, we are going to offer this solution to our investors. Studies and reviews indicate that investors can squeeze out 20% more than a lease/option. One of our agents is already operating an Airbnb for a friend so we have put together procedures and checklists to get someone going. If you are interested in pursuing this method for your income property, here is the basic outline of how it works and what the restrictions are.

Property Management Software Changed

We moved our property management data over to Appfolio. We are ahead of schedule on the transition but are still learning some of the ins and outs. Reports for owners should be easier to read once we have it dialed in. More importantly, we have improved the process for tenants paying rent. We have eliminated the “unclaimed deposits” issue which will accelerate the departure for late paying tenants.

There are about 10 properties that will be finished reconciled today. If you have not received payment or have questions about your statement, please contact us ASAP.

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