Las Vegas Real Estate News

Single Family Homes Slowly Increase… The median sales price of previously owned single-family homes has hovered around $220,000 since June. Prices still are up 7.5 percent year-over-year but have been roughly the same for the past nine months. We predict about 5% growth until the fall and then go flat again during the winter.

Town for Sale For $8M… Now you can be the sherrif. Looking to retire, the 78-year-old is offering most of the town, including its casino, diner, convenience store, 10-room motel, RV park and mile-long dirt airstris. Sounds like the perfect movie set.

Hyperloop Test Track In NLV… A California company set on building a super high-speed, tube-based transportation system is seeking out $9 million in tax incentives to build a test track in North Las Vegas. With all these major projects looking to break ground, something will eventually shake loose and bring lots of jobs to NLV.

Brewhouse in Henderson… Housed in a newly constructed building on the quaint, decades-old drag of Water Street, Lovelady is family owned and operated, with veteran brewer of 20 years Richard Lovelady (formerly with Gordon Biersch) at the operation’s hoppy helm. I’m a major fan of Gordon Biersch and watched that brewery grow in San Jose when we lived about a mile away. I’m excited this one will open just across the street from my listing on 19 Water St.

Multi FamilyJim Meets Tony Hsieh – I had a wonderful opportunity to sit and have a few beers with the guy that’s had more influence on downtown Fremont than anyone in Las Vegas with the possible exception of Mayor Goodwin. He has invested heavily in the downtown area with his own money and described some of his big real estate projects as well as his Burning Man inspired art events. He was a super nice fellow and he feels the same way I do about the downtown area.

Multi FamilySingle Families  This Week’s Top Pic  $88k – 3/1/2 Vacant

Multi FamilyApartments  This Week’s Top Pic  $169k – 4 Units 75% Occupied

Multi FamilyCommercial Property Search  This Week’s Top Pic   $625k – 8 Mixed Multi / Retail 85% Occupied

ForeclosureWelcome Crystal Walker We were able to recruit a seasoned and experienced property manager to the team. She has more than 20 years experience in the construction industry and has been a property manager since 2014.  team.

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