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Commercial Owners May Get Hit… This is a ridiculous tax that will hit folks who own commercial property. Sadly the only people who will really pay for it is “Joe Small Business Owner” as most commercial property have triple net leases where the tenants are responsible for taxes. Let’s hope our local real estate lobby puts an end to that.

Retail Upswing… This is the time to get on the retail train. Mom and pop strip malls in rough neighborhoods will give you the most return on cash and the most opportunity for appreciation. Years from now I will will hear investors grumble that they missed this train.

  Office Space Still Bleeding… The time to get on that train will be in about 2 years if ever. With our economy becoming more and more cloud based, the need for office space is diminishing.

15 Apartments Sold For $630M… That’s a serious transaction if there was one. Vantage Lofts, owners the Bascom Group and Oaktree Capital Management teamed up again to acquire the portfolio, which included 4,918 apartments.

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