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    The era of affordable housing in Southern Nevada following the Great Recession is over as quickly as it began. Rents are increasing as lower priced properties are being consumed. Our investors are smiling.
    • Progress occurs on more then 300,000-square-foot industrial project

      Indianapolis, Indiana-based Scannell Properties, a privately-owned real estate development and investment company, announced in April that it reached a milestone on construction, with pouring the concrete slab and preparation of wall panels at its 338,520-square-foot industrial facility in North Las Vegas. When this massive project is completed, there will be an abundance of jobs available in North Las Vegas.


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Strip Center Strip Center
Las Vegas, NV
Community Strip Center. New roof and new asphalt. There are a lot of vacancies due to poor management. Easy fix. Here is the video.
Price:  $987,000
Cap Rate:  4%
Property Type:

 Retail “mom & pop”

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