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In the recent months, we have been managing Airbnbs and actually have one of our own right now. Preliminary numbers indicate significant returns. For example, our property in North Las Vegas with a pool rented for $1200/month. In June we will earn about $3,000. We have been reluctant to pitch this to investors for 4 reasons:

  1. We do not have several months of data to demonstrate to investors that these are profitable.
  2. We are still working on systems for furnishing and move outs.
  3. Las Vegas City council is introducing more legislation to restrict short term rentals.
  4. North Las Vegas and Henderson are still undecided.

I will keep updating this section every month.

This week’s SFR recommendations

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This weeks’ Commercial Recommendation.

Strip Center Strip Center
Las Vegas, NV
Community Strip Center. New roof and new asphalt. There are a lot of vacancies due to poor management. Easy fix. Here is the video.
Price:  $987,000
Cap Rate:  4%
Property Type:

 Retail “mom & pop”

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