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New_Construction.pngNew Homes in Summerlin Under Construction

This is just an FYI as these high end homes don’t make financial sense for a return on cash. You could purchase 2 SFRs in a “C” neighborhood and make twice as much money as straight rental or 3 times the money using an AirBnb model. 

Technology Park at UNLV


UNLV is really moving in the right direction. Software and technology is the next economic wave and attracting talent is exactly what Las Vegas needs.

Airbnb City Council Meeting (originally published 9/23/2017)


There is nothing in the news to this so you will have to trust my interpretation of the Las Vegas City workshop last week that covered Airbnb applications for Special Use Permits (aka SUPs). These are now required in addition to the Business License. This workshop occurred days after 11 applicants were reviewed and 10 applicants rejected by the City Council. My overall impression was that the planning department was really on the side of the applicants. It was really good to see that the planning department did their homework and had actually recommended 7 of the 11 applicants. The people at planning were literally scratching their heads as to how all that went down. I even smelled a little contempt of City Council. Here are my conclusions. 

The planning department actually had some really awesome tips to increase our chances of getting a license and a SUP.

  • Show up. If you want us to do this, we will take a nap and bring a sleeping bag.  
  • Be the first. This means we can kill off someone who already has a license but not the SUP.
  • Get Approval from the HOA. If you are in a “Loose HOA”, we must be absolutely certain we have them bless the submission. 
  • Get everyone on board. We need to get all the neighbors on board before posting the SUP notice. Booze. Trips to Disneyland… who knows. What we don’t want is the pissed off neighbor showing up at 2am complaining about your AirBnb. 

Bottom line? It still appears more lucrative than standard rentals even if you get shut down later.

  • Pay more.
  • Be patient.
  • There are no guarantees. 

Please read this page first before calling. If you have the guts, we have the process for you.

Short Video on Safety


Moving To Vegas?

Barb’s Corner – Here is Barb’s recommendation this week. Call her at (702) 759-9724 if you want more information.


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4777 E Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas




Property Photo



18,908 SF

1.26 AC

$103.13 /SF


Neighborhood Center

5/8 occupied

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRJGIzwBvr8

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