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Rental Properties Listings

Rental Properties – All of rental listings require background checks that include the items noted below.

This page has our rental properties.

Renter Background Documentation to Submit

    1. Rental History (you can submit a landlord letter OR give us your landlord information so we can send them a form).
    2. Income History (you can submit pictures of your pay stubs or bank statements)
    3. Credit History (go to CreditKarma.com and pull your own credit).
    4. ID (picture of driver’s license, passport or any type of government issued ID)

Guidance for Preparing Your Rental Application

Lease/Options Discontinued

Rent To Own Properties –  We no longer offer lease /options to renters. Sorry. Too many renters got pissed off when they didn’t qualify for a loan and life is to too short to deal with pissed off people.