Tenant Application – Application Discount

This free application is completely optional if you choose not to fill it out, it will not be held against you.

Frequently Asked Questions….

Why does Limestone Investments do this?

We have found that if people answer some basic questions, we can save you from driving all the way across town in this crazy heat and save you $$$. It also saves you from getting your credit pulled.

This very unusual.  Is this any of your business?

It is our business. Our business is to find tenants who respect property and pay rent on time. We have found correlations between these answers and good tenants. These questions are completely legal AND we don’t care if you decide not to answer them.

I can really apply for free if I complete this application?

Yes. After you have completed this, you will be asked to pay for the application fee for that property. Since each property is owned by different owners, they will vary between $20 – $60.  You will be reimbursed that application fee regardless of your answers.

If my credit is poopy, will I get denied automatically?

No. Don’t panic if you have terrible credit history.  If you have absolutely no history, you may be able to move in if you have 2 times the rental amount. All our owners have different parameters so do the best you can. Your deposit is based on your history.

How long does it take for Limestone to review an application?

Generally 48 hours IF you supply everything at one time. If you dribble all that information willy nilly, it takes agents more time to figure what information goes to which applicant. Creating work for your leasing agent just puts you at the back of the line.

I want to see the property first before I go through this whole dance. What happens if I decide not to fill out your silly application in advance?

You will get in the back of the line. We generally get about 5 inquiries a day on any given property before they are even available for move in. Crazy right? That’s because we had good tenants who told us they were leaving on good terms on a specific date. We start marketing properties before they are available because we know it will only take a couple of days for us to make it ready. Tenants who wait for properties to become available to show generally never make it because they dilly dallied.

What happens if I fill out the application but I don’t like the property?

We give you your money back. No questions asked. We are not here to make your life miserable. We just simply go the next tenant applicant.

Before You Start The Application

You will need to have these 2 things in your hand. Most landlords will ask for this so you may as well just do it.

  1. Your pay stub or bank statement that shows you actually earn money.
  2. Your credit score. It’s free and easy at creditkarma.com.

IMPORTANT: We do not want see your account numbers or social security numbers so please black them out before sending.

WARNING: Las Vegas is the Wild Wild West for tenants. Folks from other states are unpleasantly surprised how quick we can toss them out. We do not mess around. It is our job to toss people who don’t pay rent. Don’t be that person sitting on a TV in the driveway for being 2 weeks late. If you think you are going to have challenges paying rent on time, DO NOT PROCEED.

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