Risk Reduction

Want to avoid lawsuits?

Do you have sleepless nights dealing with naughty tenants?

If you are a property manager, you need this CE class. My “Risk Reduction” class could change your life. If you haven’t been sued yet, you either don’t do enough business or haven’t been around long. I will be covering these subjects:

  • Getting the Right Clients.
  • Managing the Right Properties.
  • Onboarding Processes
  • Effective Tenant Screening
  • Maintenance for Lawsuit Mitigation
  • Police Interactions
  • Crackheads & Squatters
  • Evictions
  • Safety And Your Life


“I will take any class you teach! Super great info.” D. Bell

“Jim, Your class was very well informative & entertaining. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, then I don’t know what I would do. Thanks once again for your professional advice, time, and effort placed towards this class.” K. Zagari

“One of the most informative CE classes on Property Management that I’ve ever attended. Jim clearly and definitively reviews his template for success. His enthusiasm for property management is infectious.” B. Kinniberg


“Hands down one of the BEST PM classes I have taken. Jim knows Property Management and the class shows it. Most of the PM classes do not seem to be taught by experienced property managers. I am strongly recommending it to the other PM’s in the office. Thank You!!”  L. Starrett


“I wanted to thank you for a great PM class yesterday. You shared some much great information and hope my fellow agents really listened to you. You had great links imbedded in your presentation. You really understand this this a business and not something you should do on the fly.” N. Schwartz

“Really enjoyed your class today Jim!  You are a great presenter and the real life examples and strategies are priceless.  They really show that you are passionate about your business and I am glad to be among your peers.  So many bad property managers out there, thank goodness there are still some good ones!  I agree that if I ever decide to go into property manager I would hope to be able to work for you! D. Moretti

“This was the best class about THE REALITY of property management. I experienced each of the nightmare scenarios during my 3 year stint with a large PM company. I almost had a nervous breakdown because of the terrible owners and terrible tenants. The Broker wouldn’t fire anyone!   Really awesome class! D Burnett

“This was the most informative “real world” class I have taken in 7 yrs! Would love to be informed of any other classes you teach! Thank you!!! ”  S. Reese

More recent comments:

  • Best PM class EVER!!! If I took this BEFORE getting PM I never would have done it!!!
  • One of THE BEST CLASSES ON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Your presentation materials where just loaded with great resources.
  • Good info – links for additional information and helps were included – good sense of humor.
  • Great instructor, very engaging. He kept me laughing but I learned so much as well. Many Thanks!
  • Instructor had total command of his course material and I learned a lot.
  • I now feel much more informed about property management.


Jim Eagan

Property Manager & Consultant – Jim teaches classes on effective property management techniques. Since 1994, he has been managing residential, multi family and commercial real estate. He is also the author of 2 property management books.

For A Few Properties More – This book is for owners who want to manage their own properties. You will get real practical advice on screening tenant and managing your properties.


A Fistful of Properties – This is written for property managers. This book was written to prevent property managers from being chain smoking alcoholics.