We want to return your security deposit ASAP!

By law, we have 30 days to return your security deposit but we know you want your money now. The sooner you give us what we need, the sooner we can send you money. After your walkthrough, we need to be sure you have not left us hanging with utility bills so please please please send us a quick snapshot of your power and water bills. Just login to your utility portal, pull up a screen that shows a zero balance, take a screenshot and text / email that screen shot.

We will be sending you a security deposit ledger. If you are not getting all of your security deposit back, we will explain why.

There are 3 methods to receiving your security deposit. None of these methods include mailing a check. We are done playing with lost checks.

Method 1 - Money sent to your account via Appfolio
  1. Navigate to the Contact Us tab in your portal, then click Request Notice to Vacate.
  2. Select “Yes” via direct deposit and enter the necessary bank account information.
  3. You are now ready to receive your security deposit balance. Please notify us this task is completed.
Method 2 - Text or Email Your Bank Account

We will send money directly to your bank account with the information provided. Make sure it’s accurate!!! We are not responsible for retrieving money sent to someone else’s account! If you have doubts, take a picture of a voided check.

Method 3 - Pick Up A Check

We are rarely at the office so this will not happen the same day you request a physical check. We will notify you when it’s ready for pick up at the back of the building at our address at 1620 E Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89104. At the back of the building there is a box as shown. The code is 480. Once you retrieve the check, please close the door and scramble the code.

What is the process for disputing a security deposit return?

Please understand the security deposit is not our money. Limestone Investments makes no money on repairing or cleaning a unit. We also factor in “wear and tear” on a unit. That is a gray area requiring us to decide what is excessive and what isn’t. No one is ever happy with our decisions. Either the tenant is not happy we gave enough back and the owner is never satisfied we charged enough. 

If there is a particular line item you want to dispute or can prove the damage was there before you moved in, we need  evidence to show the owner. Remember that list you gave us when you moved in? It should be on that list.

You are welcome to take this a step further and file a small claims action against us. We have never lost in court on a security deposit disposition as judges have always found us reasonable and fair.