Short Term Rental Start

Let’s get started!!
We are going to guide you the whole way so don’t panic.

  1. Property Management Agreement ($500 to start / 8% management fees)
  2. Licensing (Optional – only available in the township of Las Vegas)
    • We recommend Nathan Consulting Group (702-280-6175) it’s about $2k + city fees.
  3. Furnishing (Optional – if you want us to do this, we charge $1000 + cost of furnishing)
    • Checklist We will not advertise your property until all the major furniture is in.
    • We need keys to your property so we can make copies and store one at the property.
  4. Advertising
    • Once you have everything furnished, we will photograph and video your property.
    • Pricing is an art. We use the “shoot and aim” philosophy. We start off with numbers similar to your competition and then modify according to special events, holidays and empty periods. You will be working constantly with your agent to modify these. You tell us what you want.
  5. Hosting – This is what we take care of:
    • Responding to guest questions.
    • Building your handbook and your short term rental page.
    • Guiding guests when they arrive (we use lockboxes).
    • Answering questions during their stay.
    • Taking care of any maintenance issues -> maintenance procedures.
    • Sending cleaning crews and preparing for your next guest.
  6. Accounting
    • About the 20th of the month you will get a full report (sample report).
    • That money is sent to you electronically and takes about a business day.

This is our team of people that make it all happen.


Barb Toft

[email protected]



Liza Wengar

[email protected]


Jim’s Assistant

Gohar Markarian

[email protected]


Host  – Jim Eagan

[email protected]