Short Tips

Agents who read this tips significantly increase their chances of placing a tenant.

Get these before your appointment.

  1. ID
  2. Rent Verification
  3. Income Statement / Verification
  4. Credit Score


Snoop around and learn a little before you meet your prospect.

Snooping Tips

Check their photo ID: Driver License

  1. Ladies: Get in the habit of texting a friend that photo id. “I’m meeting this person at 3pm at 123 Main St.”
  2. Look them up on clark county records and do a quick check on them. If you are super clever, see if they have a facebook page. The difference between photos of people partying and throwing gang signs are WAY different than the photos of a happy family at a picnic. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know which ones are going to make it.
    • Criminal History – If you see a “W” on their record, this means they have a warrant for their arrest. Half these people don’t know they are wanted for a speeding ticket they failed to pay. They can’t pay rent if they are in the pokey! Property managers will reject these peeps without question. Cancel the appointment if you see a “W”!!! Tell them, they need to square that away before you can help them. If they have a felony, you really need to be up front with prospective property managers. We will take felons for our multi family that are old so it’s not exactly a deal killer for everyone.
    • Civil History – If you see an eviction, game over. Unless they have a bunch of money in the bank and willing to live in the hood, you can’t do anything with them. There are some exceptions so you will have to be up front with prospective property managers. We will sometimes take eviction history if it’s over 10 years old for example. NOTE: If your tenant has a common name like Bill Jones, this is nearly impossible to do.

Rent Verification

Try to get that rent verification form signed and sent back to you.  Property managers take days to reply to that form so get that started now. You can probably use that form for every property you attempt to place your tenant. By having that form completed, you are WAY ahead of your competition and miles ahead of Suzie and Johnny Lunchbucket who are trying to this on their own. If you are really clever, you can send that to your prospects landlord and have them respond to you. Most property managers are slammed and will take your form from their current landlord as gospel.

Income Verification

This should be cake. Have them text you pay stubs or bank statements. Most of your prospects will forget to bring them and you will lose a whole day chasing this down. 


This should be cake. Have them text you a picture of the report / screenshot. Don’t be fooled with the statement “Good Credit” or “Bad Credit.” Credit is relative so get the facts now. CreditKarma may not be 100% accurate but it’s pretty darn close.

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