Tenant Application

Each property has a different set of rules determined by the owner. Your deposit will depend on how well you fill out this application.
  1. Fill out this form. It’s easy and free. It will take you about 5 minutes. Just do it.
  2. Send the agent reviewing your application your pay stub, bank statement or something that proves you get money. Self employed? No worries. Send us 4 months bank statements.
  3. If you live in an apartment complex, print this permission form and take it to someone at the front desk. They will take their sweet time filling that out so camp out in the lobby until the finish sending it. 80% of the tenants who live in an apartment complex can’t get past this step. It’s a hassle but you won’t be able to rent anywhere without it so just deal with it now.
  4. Proud of your credit? Want to lower your deposit requirements? Go to any credit reporting agency like creditkarma.com and pull your own credit. If you know your credit is poopy, you can skip this step.

Personal Information

ALL Adult Names – Legal names that will be on the lease as occupants. Brothers, sisters, aunts – EVERYONE.

Phone – Your cell. Not your cousin’s uncle’s brother.

Your Email

How did you find this property?

Agent Name

Which property do you want to move into?

When do you want to move in? – Example: July 1st

How many folks over 18 will be on the lease? – Number of adults. We don’t allow sub-leasing. The number of adults must match who is on this application.

How many folks under 18 will be living with you? – Number of kids.

What kind of pets do you have? – Example: 2 dogs. We do not accept Pit Bulls – EVER. You will be evicted if you try to sneak one in. We can’t insure a property that has a pit bull. You will get a $500 fine and/or be evicted if you put a pet in your place that isn’t on your lease.

Rental History

What is your current address?

Who is your landlord? – If you are living with your family then provide your previous landlord. If you have no rental history, your deposit goes way up.

How much are you paying now? – If you are paying rent to a relative, you will need to prove it.

What is their phone and/or email? – We will contact this person. Now would be a terrific time to let them know you are moving.

Why are you moving?


Where do you work?

What is your boss’s name?

What is your boss’s phone number?

How long have your worked there? – If you just got a job here, provide us with a letter of employment.

How much do you make? – Example: $2,000 per month

If you have supplemental income such as child support, disability, trust etc. How much do you get from this? – Example: $2,000 per month

Where does your partner/spouse work?

What is their boss’s name?

What is their boss’s phone number?

How long has this person worked there?

How much do they make? – Example: $2,000 per month

Credit History

How would you describe your credit?
My credit rocks! I will be sending proof to my agent.
I have a few lates. I will be sending proof to my agent.
My credit is terrible. I am not going to bother showing anyone.
I’m too embarrassed to say.

How long have you had this cell number you put on this application?
No cell phone. The number above is someone else’s.
No cell phone. The number above is my landline.
Less than 6 months.
Less than a year.
Between one and two years.
More than 2 years.

Your History

If you don’t have a late job shift, what time do you get up?
Before 8am.
After 10am.
Between 8am and 10am.

Where is your favorite place to gamble?
Bar video poker.
Cards at a casino.
Where ever friends visit.
Don’t gamble.
Nearby casino.

How often do you exercise?
Every day.
About once a week.
None of your business.
I don’t exercise.

Have you been evicted in the last 5 years?
Yes. The owner was not fair.
Yes. But learned my lesson and promise to pay on time.
I don’t think so.
Never. Are you sure? We will find out and if you are lying, we are done here.

Have you been arrested in the last 10 years?
Yes. I’ve done my time and ready to move on.
Yes. But not convicted.
Yes. I’m a fugitive.
Never. You will be providing your social security # and birth date before your lease is signed.

Other Information

Please tell us why you want to rent this particular property or tell us more about you. Is there anything in particular we should know about? If you are not going to send us a critical piece of information like your credit report, share your country western song.
NOTE: If you are lying about your eviction history or about your criminal record, don’t bother hitting the submit button as we will find out and just deny you all together.

No matter where you go, you will need to get all that information to a prospective landlord so you may as well get it all together now. If you submit your information at once, your chances of getting what you want improve dramatically. Our agents are slammed with applications. If you randomly send information it could get lost. The number one reason why tenants don’t get the property they want is because they dilly dallied with pay stubs or rent verification statements.

Don’t panic if you have terrible history. We rarely deny anyone. If you have absolutely no history, you may be able to move in if you have 4 times the rental amount. All our owners have different parameters so do the best you can. Your deposit is based on your history.

WARNING: Las Vegas is the Wild Wild West for tenants. Folks from other states are unpleasantly surprised how quick we can toss them out. We do not mess around. It is our job to toss people who don’t pay rent. Don’t be that person sitting on a TV in the driveway for being 2 weeks late. If you think you are going to have challenges paying rent on time, DO NOT HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON.