Tenant Occupied Properties

We only show to approved applicants. You can appreciate why we do this. No one likes being interrupted by gawkers.

IF an applicant is approved (both tasks completed), we will do everything in our power to schedule an appointment. 95% of the time this works. If an applicant would like to move forward and stop other applications from coming in, we will then take a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit of a modest $200. The key word is non-refundable. No exceptions. No country western songs. That $200 takes the property off the market and we simply wait until the tenant moves out. If there are no repairs or very light cosmetic issues that need attention, we will generate a lease right after that initial walkthrough.

HOSTILE TENANT EXCEPTION: If a tenant is being evicted or we are NOT on good terms with them, there will be no opportunity to visit the property before the tenant moves out. You can imagine what it would be trying to set up an appointment with a tenant who is being evicted. We get a lot of customers who tried managing a property themselves and got in over their head. We get a customer every week who calls us to get rid of their naughty tenants. We don’t play around with naughty tenants.

If there are major repairs required, will give the applicant another chance to review the property when the work is completed. If it’s acceptable, we will move forward with a lease and all the standard processes for security deposits etc.


Why do you only show to approved applicants? There are literally hundreds of people who are interested in a property. Tenants would go insane or come kill us if a hundred people wanted an appointment. We love our tenants and do everything in our power to protect their privacy. 

What are those 2 tasks to get approved?

  1. Online Application – Each property has a unique link for the modest $25 online application. 
  2. Online Rent Verification AuthorizationThis link authorized us to contact your landlord to find out if you were naughty. 

Why do you require a NON REFUNDABLE holding deposit? When we take a property off the market, we tell those hundreds of people that wanted the property to go away. It’s a lot of work and there a lot of disappointed applicants. That modest $200 doesn’t come close to the amount of work it takes us to put the property back on the market and entertain hundreds of more tire kickers.

What if I don’t like the condition or location?  You lose your $200. You had plenty of opportunities to drive by the property and/or review the video we have for that property. 

What if a tenant is being evicted? You are taking a serious gamble. Some of our properties have naughty tenants are not leaving gracefully. If you don’t have a flexible move in date, do not even bother applying. We will not be able to guarantee you a move in date.

What if a major rehab is required? If you paid a $200 non refundable holding deposit you are taking a huge risk. If you don’t have a flexible move in date, do not even bother applying. We will not be able to guarantee you a move in date. We pad our estimated completion dates but this is real life. Real life things happen that prevent us from completing on time.

What if I have a unique country western song as to why I should get my $200 back?  We don’t listen to them. We get dozens of country western songs every day. We won’t listen to yours either. 

What if I don’t like all this uncertainty and I don’t have a flexible move in date?  You should avoid tenant occupied properties!! There are other rentals to select from. Apply for one of those.