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Send Crystal your proof ALL AT ONCE PLEASE. You will drive her to drinking if you randomly send stuff.

  • Text Picture:  702-686-6388
  • Fax Documents: (702) 359-4633
  • Send Email: [email protected]


How are you going to pay rent? You need to prove to us that you make money or show us you are sitting on a pile of cash.


If you live in a professionally managed property. You can expedite this process by making sure they provide us with your rental history. This will be your biggest hurdle as property management companies will drag their feet and dilly dally. Nearly half the applicants never get past this problem. If you really want to take the bull by the horn, download this release and march down to the office and camp out there until they fax it to us.

Credit Report

If you said your credit rocks, you need to prove it.  Go to either of these places to obtain your report: creditkarma.com or freecreditreport.com. If your credit is terrible you can skip this. If you had excellent credit you probably wouldn’t be renting. There are key elements that we are looking for and we don’t necessarily care about your bad credit.

>> Interested in owning your own home? These rent to own properties do not require any background checks. Learn about Lease-Options here

>> Want us to help you purchase a home? Contact one of our agents. Owning a home is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would own one. Let us assist you getting qualified and finding a place to call home.