Vacant Property Options

arrow red 100We offer a variety of inexpensive options to help protect your vacant property from vandalism or theft.

check purple 100Mechanical Lock Box

Free for our clients – Codes to this mechanical lock box are only given to licensed agents and our maintenance team. We also place them in discrete areas – not on your door. However, vandals are on to these and have ways to break them open. We also can’t prevent a licensed agent from taking the key. Keys have been known to go missing from time to time.

check purple 100Electronic Lock Box

$25 – Only licensed agents have access to these. A punch key is available for one time access to our maintenance team that is provided by our agents. This is a sure fire method to know exactly who entered and when. If you want to be notified of an entry, we can set up an alert on your email. This alert is another $25 as it takes some effort to set it up and maintain.

check purple 100Basic Anti Theft Package

$150 – Although we cannot guarantee against vandalism or theft, we have never had an incident when we had all three of these things working simultaneously. This package includes the following:

Electronic Lock Box
Floor Lamp on a timer

check purple 100Nuclear Anti Theft Package

$200 + $50 per month – We cannot guarantee against vandalism or theft. However, the chances of someone getting through all these systems are very remote.

  • Motion Detection – sends a phone signal to a dispatch center.
  • Armed Dispatch – $60 per dispatch
  • Radio
  • Floor Lamp on a timer

check purple 100AC Cage

$450 – Air Conditioner Cages Air conditioners are assaulted in every neighborhood in Las Vegas. This is the only method that we know of that will absolutely prevent yours from being destroyed or stolen.