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Super Hosts For Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the fastest growing components of the hospitality industry. We offer short term rentals as a solution for may of our investors.  Laws are changing all the time so I try to keep this page current.

Here are the top 5 reasons why people hire us to manage their short term rentals:

    1. We are Superhosts. A SuperHost means we have hundreds of great reviews because we have this dialed in. You can check us out here:
    2. We are licensed property managers. We are monitored by the Real Estate Division and have the credentials to manage property.
    3. We use the latest property management software. This enables you to login to your account 24×7 with any mobile device or computer to get reports.
    4. We have a team of 6 property managers and a large staff to provide you with support. You can count on your property being handled.
    5. The owners of Limestone Investments have been managing properties for over 25 years. We provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We can still manage your short term rental but we are not liable if you are shut down by an HOA or the local government. If for any reason, some government entity or local association prevents you from operating and Airbnb location, we will not be held accountable. 

The property needs 6 conditions met before we start advertising:

    1. The property must meet our safety requirements. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors etc.
    2. Limestone Investments must be “additionally insured” by your insurance company (this doesn’t cost you anything).
    3. You must have at least one ring device installed at the door so we can monitor who is coming and going. 2 devices are required if you have a garage.
    4. Party Smashers must be installed. This $150 widget detects number of devices in a network area.
    5. You must have internet and at least Netflix available for guests.
    6. The property must be properly furnished. This spreadsheet has basic requirements. The more features, the more money. If you want to furnish your own property, go for it. We charge $2000 set up the basic furnishings and will provide you an estimate up front. There is a lot to furnishing a property.

We charge 10% of the gross amount collected AND $1000 to start up.

  1. We will get professional photos & video of the property.
  2. The short term rental ads (VRBO & Airbnb) will be created. You will be the co-host and we will be the host.
  3. We will settle your account near the end of each month. That settlement statement will include a report that has your income and expenses.