Collecting Rent Payments

arrow red 100Whether you are managing your rental property yourself, or using our property management services, this information will be helpful.

green check 100Create a separate bank account for your income properties.

If you have more than one property, it’s recommended that you get a separate account that is associated with your LLC or corporation if you have one. Not only does it make your bookkeeping cleaner, but it will offer you more protection in the event of fraud or lawsuits.

info blue 100Create an account with some payment application to receive funds.

Zelle, paypal, and Apple Pay are just a few. The important thing is to be able to turn it off if your tenant becomes naughty. You will need to contact us when your tenant becomes naughty.

info blue 100If your tenants pay cash – typical of low income housing – give your tenant bank deposit slips.

If you own multi-family units or houses that are on the low end of prices, give your tenant pre-printed deposit slips with the name of the property on the slip. You can then instruct them to keep them handy so they can deposit cash directly into your account AND you will know where it’s coming from. Don’t worry about fraud as you have already set up a separate account and you will be sweeping money from this account on a regular basis.

info blue 100Don’t freak out when the rent is late.

If you get a tenant who pays on time in Las Vegas, consider yourself lucky. Las Vegas is full of irresponsible tenants so if you get one that pays late, consider it normal. However, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel pain. Generally, you will escalate the level of pain as the frequency continues or gets worse. For example, the first time a tenant is late, we email or call them with a reminder. The second time we spank them with a $50 late fee. The third time with a $100 late fee and a five-day notice… You need to let them know that the pain will get worse every time. If they don’t want to suffer the pain, they will either leave or pay on time.

alert red 100DO NOT CALL YOUR TENANTS after the first late payment.

You don’t want them to develop a habit of telling you a Country Western song every time they are late. When they call you with their song, don’t argue, yell or tell them you don’t care. After they have exhausted their story ask them “So when are you going to make a payment?” You write that date down along with the amount and then say, “That’s fine, you will have to be make an additional late payment of $____. Are you ok with that?” If they don’t agree with paying the late fee then simply say. “I’m sorry this didn’t work out. If you leave gracefully in the next week, we won’t have to make an ugly scene with the constable.”


They are paying late because they have habits you don’t have. The lack of money in their pockets doesn’t mean they disrespect you. It means they never learned to save for a rainy day or how to develop a habit of building wealth. They are renters because they have bad habits. They don’t think like you do. Just imagine having a 12 year old renting your house and you will get a mental picture of what you are up against. You own property because you have good wealth building habits. It is nothing personal. Let it go.

alert red 100Leave evictions to a professional.

We charge $600 to evict your tenant unless you are our customer. We do evictions with grace and respect. We see investors lose thousands of dollars in damage and opportunity cost because they lost control of the situation. We evict tenants on a weekly basis with compassion and usually we get the property back in excellent condition. Unless you have done numerous evictions, you are likely to get your clock cleaned. This page covers our eviction process in detail.


FAQs on our Collection Process

info blue 100How do I receive payments?

Tenants have the option to pay electronically or at any 7-Eleven if they want to pay cash. We pay electronically from the 10th – 15th of the month for single family. Multi family owners get their payments generally on the 3rd week of the month.

info blue 100Do I receive statements showing income and expenses?

Yes of course. You also get to see the actual vendor invoices. We are completely transparent.

info blue 100What if my tenants don’t pay on time?

If your tenant is more than 4 days late, we post a 5 day notice. This page covers our eviction process in detail.


In the case of non-payment, read: How Evictions Work in Las Vegas | What to do about Missed Lease-Option Payments