Scouting for Homes in Las Vegas Nevada

info blue 100Why should we go scouting before hunting?

Many buyers have a long list of “wants” and a budget that does not match their desires. Once we show them what is available and at what prices, buyers realize they must rethink their strategy. Scouting is a broad search of categories to confirm what kind of home or what area you want to live in, AND what you can afford.

info blue 100Where are the good neighborhoods?

Even if we could legally answer that question, the answer is too complex. First of all, Las Vegas has a checkerboard of neighborhood quality. For example, you can find million dollar homes across the street from a bario. Second, crime in Las Vegas isn’t restricted to bad neighborhoods. There are more murders in Summerlin than on the strip. There isn’t a neighborhood in Las Vegas that is immune to crime. If crime is an issue for you, go here and do your own research before we go scouting.

info blue 100What is the best neighborhood for me?

The one you can afford. The worst thing you can do is buy a house that gets you leveraged to your neck. The best use of your time would be to pick a price and then see how that price compares across different neighborhoods of Las Vegas. Scouting means exploring, getting away from the herd and seeing opportunities.

info blue 100Can I make offers on properties that we see?

Not unless you brought “proof of funds.” Without proof of funds / approval letter, trying to make offers would be a waste of time. No listing agent will look at an offer unless it is attached to proof of funds or a bank approval letter.

info blue 100How can I prepare for scouting?

1. Confirm availability before making flight arrangements. We book weeks in advance and we are slammed.

2. Bring proof of funds. You do not have to give it to us. HOWEVER, it’s good to have in your back pocket just in case you see something you really like. How often do you go shopping without your wallet?

3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Scouting & hunting is hard work.

4. Get plenty of rest. We start at 7am in the summer.

5. Bring your laptop or ipad so you can do some homework and review results of your tours.


More Scouting Tips

green check 100Keep an open mind and listen to the news with some skepticism.

You will save more time and energy if you listen to a local agents’ recommendations. Every market is different from Las Vegas. Markets change fast. The news media is WAY off on their reporting. Even if you are an experienced buyer, it is wise to listen to the local agents.

green check 100Get your finances lined up before traveling or scouting.

This has to be the biggest mistake buyers make. Amateurs fly to Las Vegas and leave their wallet at home. Scouting for properties without knowing how you are going to purchase an asset is a massive waste of everyone’s time. It’s ok if you don’t buy something if you come here but it’s simply crazy not to have financing lined up first.