arrow red 100This is what we do. We sleep, breath and talk property management. Jim Eagan  wrote a book on property management  (A Fistful of Properties) and is often hired by other companies to consult in their operations. Here are your 2 management options: 

  1. Long Term Rentals (1 year leases) – We charge $100 to set up your property and 8% per month to manage it. We recommend that you pay out a commission to the first agent who finds a qualified tenant for your property. That “Bounty” to other agents ranges from $200-$500 depending on the size of the property. This is the most common and well known for property management.   More…
  2. Short Term Rentals (30 days or less) –  We charge $500 to start up and 8% of the gross income AFTER Airbnb’s fees.   This includes marketing, scheduling, walkthroughs and managing repairs or cleaning. Cleaning ranges depending on guests.  More…

More stuff you should know….

Non Exclusive – No long term contracts. You can leave at any time. If you don’t like us, you can leave with no penalties or questions.

Rave Reviews – We are constantly improving our systems and offering better services. Our Yelp reviews say it all but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fast Customer Service – Multiple phone numbers for emergencies 24×7. We have hundreds of vendors in our data base for quick response. Our vendors are coordinated via the web for accurate information. This page covers our maintenance processes in detail.

Since 1997 – Our broker has been managing residential, multi family and commercial properties. He has had a general contractor license, wrote a book on property management and has taken properties from being boarded up to 100% occupancy.

Quick Tenant Placement – Our hungry agents are commission only. Unlike our salaried competitors, we don’t eat unless we find you a tenant. Our online applications are tied into the MLS, Craigslist, Realtor.com and over 50 websites. Your property will have video, photos and a super easy application for tenants to fill out online. We keep those application fees low so we can get as many prospects as possible.

Tenants Pay Or Leave – Tenants can pay online, at 7-Elevens or any CVS pharmacy.  If tenants don’t pay, they leave. “Elegant Departures” are the most common form of evictions as “Lock Outs” are used as a last resort. Court appearances are no problem. We eat lawyers for breakfast. This page describes our eviction processes.

Direct Deposits – You receive your money on the 15th of the month electronically. Owners and tenants can login to a tenant portal to see monthly statements.

Annual Inspections – Every year you will get report detailing what we have found at the unit and repairs if necessary.

Multiple Licensed Managers – We have bi-lingual leasing agents to assist those who speak Spanish.

Transparent Accounting – Your monthly statements show you exactly where funds go and for what reason. Our bank accounts are monitored by the Real Estate Division.

1099s – At the end of the year you will get a financial report that includes your P&L statement and your 1099.

HOA Love Letters – We get love letter from an HOA nearly daily. No worries, we take care of those for you. Tenants either correct the issue or we correct the problem and bill the tenant.